EE313 Linear Systems and Signals

Prof. Brian L. Evans

Fall 2023

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EE 313 builds a mathematical foundation for analyzing signals and systems in a wide variety of applications, including speech, audio, image and video processing as well as communications and control systems.

Topics include representation of signals and systems, system properties, sampling, Laplace and z-transforms, transfer functions, frequency responses, convolution, stability, Fourier transform, feedback, and control applications, as well as computer analysis using MATLAB.

EE 313 feeds into several ECE specializations, including machine learning, energy systems, communication systems, and signal/image processing systems. Here's a slide showing the 25+ undergraduate ECE courses at UT Austin that build on EE 313.

The Web site for Prof. Evans' EE 313 course in fall 2010 is available here.

Advice to get the most out of this course:

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