Image Authentication under Geometric Attacks

by Divyanshu Vats

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The above block diagram represents our proposed scheme for image authentication.  The candidate image to be authenticated is presented as an input and it first goes through a randomized feature extractor based on a secret key K.  We approximate geometric distortions based on the structure matching scheme in [1], [2].  Here T(∙) is an affine transformation defined as follows:

The transformation of N, feature points from the candidate image, is compared with a reference set of feature points and based on structure matching scheme, we lock onto the minimum distance between the the data points.   We use a modified Hausdorff distance used extensively in computer vision for shape matching [3], [4].  Based on the minimum distance, dmin, we make our conclusions about the image.

From extensive testing, we find that a good value of ε = 0.15 and δ = 0.20.  Results obtained on some images are shown below.


                    Reference Image                                                             Rotation                                                            JPEG  QF = 20



                      Reference Image                                               Shearing                                                           Stirmark



                      Reference Image                                        JPEG QF = 20                                                    Shearing



                      Reference Image                                                        Scaling                                                                   print-scan               



           Reference Image                                                        Candidate Image                                            Image is tampered


        Reference Image                                                    Candidate Image                                                  Image is tampered


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