Software Releases

The following software has been developed by the Embedded Signal Processing Laboratory at UT Austin. The software is freely distributable under the GNU license.
  1. Ian Wong, OFDM Research Allocation, for Ian Wong's PhD dissertation A Unified Framework for Optimal Resource Allocation in Multiuser Multicarrier Wireless Systems (May 2007).
    Note: This software release contains the raw Matlab and data files used for the PhD dissertation. The release is not well documented. It is released "as is" in the hopes that the code will be useful.

  2. Ian Wong and Brian L. Evans, IEEE 802.16a Simulator 1.1. Released August 5, 2004.

  3. Ian Wong, Zukang Shen, Rob Mullenix, Jeffrey Andrews, and Brian L. Evans, Multiuser OFDM Resource Allocation algorithms in Matlab and C code. The C code has been compiled and tested on a TI TMS320C6701 digital signal processor, and could achieve real-time performance for IEEE 802.16a on a 1 GHz TMS320C6000 digital signal processor. Released November 15, 2004.

  4. Zukang Shen, Jeffrey Andrews, and Brian L. Evans, Matlab code to support the paper "Adaptive Resource Allocation in Multiuser OFDM Systems with Proportional Rate Constraints", June 14, 2004. A more up-to-date version of this code is available in the above software release entitled "Multiuser OFDM Resource Allocation".

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