Interactive Electronic Signals and Systems Courseware

On June 15, 1995, PWS Publishing Company (1-800-354-9706), a subsidiary of International Thomson Publishing, released a set of electronic notebooks for exploring signals and systems through algebraic, numeric, and graphical representations: These notebooks can be used by themselves, or in conjunction with the text book The Mathematica Notebooks do not contain any MATLAB code, but instead contain Mathematica commands based on the Signal Processing Packages. The Mathematica Notebooks can be read without having Mathematica installed by means of a freely distributable Notebook reader.

Using the Mathematica Notebooks, students can

Using the Mathematica Notebooks, professors can

The product comes with limited technical support, manual installation instructions, and no printed user or reference manuals. It is, however, electronically documented by means of 20 Mathematica notebooks. Two of the notebooks serve as an introduction to Mathematica and to the Signal Processing Packages, respectively. Each pair of remaining notebooks corresponds to one chapter in the textbook. One notebook of each pair works the example problems, rephrases the homework problems, and automatically checks student answers to the homework problems. The other notebook in each pair explains the solutions to the homework problems.

The PWS product contains Version 3.0 of the Signal Processing Packages, which were released April 28, 1995, and are compatible with versions 2.0, 2.1, and 2.2 of Mathematica. The Notebooks in the PWS Product, however, are only compatible with Mathematica 2.2. The PWS product requires 13 Mb of disk space, and Mathematica should be configured to run in at least 12 Mb of memory. Macintosh and PC (Windows) versions are available. Unix and Windows 95 users should order the PC (Windows) version. For compatibility, Windows 95 users will also need the package TruncCon.m, which they will need to evaluate before loading the Signal Processing Packages.

In the electronic companion, the Signal Processing Packages and Notebooks are copyright © 1989-1995 Georgia Tech Research Corporation. The notebooks and the package ``StrumKirk.m'' are copyright © 1994-1995 Regents of the University of California.

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