Resume Suggestions

It is to your benefit to include a resume in a universal format (ASCII, PDF, or HTML) whenever you contact a professor. Many professors will not open Word attachments. It is also to your benefit to include a copy of your resume in your application for graduate study. Resumes from undergraduate students or recent BS graduates should be no longer than one page when formatted using an 11-pt font. For people with archived publications and/or significant full-time work experience, resumes should be limited to two pages when using an 11-pt font.

The resume should include the following information:

  1. Name, mailing address, phone, e-mail address, and LinkedIn page
  2. Educational information: For each degree received or currently enrolled in, please give the degree, institution name, institution city, institute state/province, and date (or expected date) of graduation. List electives that you've taken, you're taking this semester, and you're planning to take next semester. For the latter, indicate that you are planning to take them, e.g. by adding "(Spring YEAR)" after each course to be taken in the following semester. Include the title and summary of your senior design project or thesis if you did one. Also, list your GPA and the maximum possible GPA. If your undergraduate degree is from a university outside of the US, then annotate the GPA listing by the type of system you're in:
    GPA: 12.2/20 (French)
    GPA: 8.5/10 (India)
    If your GPA system is not on a 4.0 scale, then do not try to convert it to a 4.0 system. Do not include your class rank. Do not include any information about schooling completed prior to attending college.
  3. Work experience: include the company's name and a 1-2 sentence description of your duties.
  4. Projects: describe projects you've completed (through coursework, extra-curricular activities, and personal efforts), what your contributions were, and give pointers to project Web sites and/or software releases.
  5. Leadership Experience: list any leadership positions in student organizations or other organizations, and what your role involved.
  6. Honors and Awards
  7. Publications: give full citation information, including all authors, volume numbers, and page numbers
  8. Technical skills, for example:
  9. Statement about work permission in the US if you have it. Any US citizen or US permanent resident has work permission in the US. Any student on an F-1 or J-1 visa would also have work permission in the US in the form curricular practical training (while enrolled for a degree) and optional practical training (after graduation).

Here are few example resumes:

My resume resume/. is meant for primarily internal use at UT Austin. It has a lot of extra information in it to comply with University requirements. For proposals, one is limited to one or two pages for one's resume (vita).

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