Some Expository Writings

This page contains some expository papers I wrote as a student at M.I.T. and Harvard. They represent no original research on my part, rather, they are my own attempt to understand the material.

I got the idea of posting expository work from my friend Emin Martinian .

Expository Papers

  • The Invariance of the Index of Elliptic Operators.
  •     Harvard University Bachelor's Thesis, April 1999 (Supervisor: Prof. C. Taubes)    [pdf/ ps].

  • Ergodic Theory.     [pdf/ps].
  • Uniform Glivenco-Cantelli Classes.     [pdf/ps].
  • A Summary of Anant Sahai's Ph.D. Thesis: Anytime Information Theory.     [pdf/ ps].
  • Nonconvex Optimization via Semialgebraic Geometry.     [pdf/ps].
  • A Summary of Martin J. Wainwright's Ph.D. Thesis: Stochastic Processes on Graphs with Cycles: Geometric and Variational Approaches.     [pdf/ps].
  • Survey Propagation: Iterative Solutions to Constraint Satisfaction Problems.     [pdf/ ps].

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