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 Dr. Cogdell's background emphasizes electromagnetics, with applications in antenna theory and practice and in radio astronomy. He has spent the past 25 years working as an undergraduate advisor and teacher. Specifically, he has worked to improve ECE course offerings to nonmajors, and wrote two books in the process. His Foundations of Electrical Engineering is into its second edition, and even more recently he has published Foundations of Electric Circuits, Foundations of Electronics, and Foundations of Electric Power. Currently, he is working on a new method for teaching probability, statistics, and random processes. This method used Mathematica as a base for interactive learning.  As a result of his work as a writer and course designer, Dr. Cogdell has developed a strong interest in technical writing and the pedagogy of engineering education.  A more complete resume is available.

Two papers on engineering education are

A model for using TQM in the classroom and A grading system based on performance, confidence, and integrity.

Professor Cogdell enjoys baking bread for a hobby and has written a small cookbook about the subject of baking. He has prepared a short biographical sketch if you are interested in some of the significant events in his life.

 Electromagnetics and Acoustics area.