Approved ECE/ACSES major classes for Masters Degree

Graduate classes
A combination of graduate courses and upper-division undergraduate courses taken at UT can be considered major work for the MS degree.  Specifically, the following courses are major work.
ECE382N-*    All ECE382N courses
ECE380L-12    Embedded and Real-time OS (previously EE380L.6/EE445M)
ECE382C-11    Distributed Systems (Garg)
ECE382M-1    VLSI Testing
ECE382M-2    Dependable Computing
ECE382M-4    Digital System Simulation
ECE382M-7    VLSI I
ECE382M-8    VLSI II
ECE382M-11    Verification of Digital Systems
ECE382M-15  Computer Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking (John)
ECE382M-16  Application Specific Processing
ECE382M-20    System-on-a-chip Design (Gerstlauer)
ECE382M     ASIC Design Lab 1 (Kulkarni)
ECE382M     ASIC Design Lab 2 (Kulkarni)
ECE382V-8    Embedded Systems Design and Modeling (Gerstlauer)
ECE382V-9    Multicore Computing (Garg)
ECE382V-13  Topics in Embedded Systems
ECE382N-22/ECE382V    Comp Arch: User-System Interplay (Erez)
ECE382V    Human Robot Interaction (not taught in a while)
ECE382V    Security Hardware (Tiwari)
ECE382V    Activity and Sensing/Recognition (E Thomaz)
ECE382V    ADVANCED PROGRAMMING TOOLS (not taught in a while)
ECE382V/ECE381K-20    Complex Networks in the Real World (Marculescu)
ECE382V    HUMAN SIGNALS: SENSING/ANALYTICS (not taught in a while)
ECE382V    Technology For Embedded IOT (Valvano)
ECE382V    SysML: Computer Systems and Machine Learning Interplay (Yadwadkar)
CS382M    Advanced Computer Architecture
CS380P    Parallel Systems
CS386C     Dependable Computing Systems
CS386L     Programming Languages
CS395T     Memory Mgmt/Memory Hierarchies
CS380C     Compilers
CS380L     Advanced Operating Systems
CS395T     Software Multicore Processors
CS395T     Topics in Multicore Programming
CS395T     Advanced Networking Protocols
CS395T     Hardware verification
CS395T     Predication Mechanisms Computer Architecture
CS380D     Distributed Computing

Undergraduate classes taken at UT as a graduate student
ECE445L    Embedded Systems Design Lab
ECE445S    Real-Time Signal Processing Lab
ECE360C    Algorithms
ECE360S    IC Design
ECE461S    Operating Systems
ECE379K    Compilers (Erez, Gerstlauer) CS439H    Principles of Computer Systems (OS)
CS375    Compilers
CS331    Algorithms and Complexity
CS345    Programming Languages
ECE460M Digital systems
ECE460N* Computer architecture (should take graduate version,  ECE382N.1)
ECE460R* Computer aided IC design (should take graduate version)
ECE360S IC design

A maximum of two of these CS classes can be used for as major work, additional CS classes from this list can be counted as supporting work. Other courses may be considered major work on an individual basis; it is recommended that students seek the advice of the Track Advisor and the research supervisor in creating a cohesive and acceptable program of work. Even though your area of interest may be very focused (e.g., parallel processors), for the purposes of the MS degree, all computer architecture and embedded processor courses will be considered major work.

*These undergraduate classes have a graduate version that may be taken instead, see the instructor about the details.  The graduate version of ECE360R is ECE382M (VLSI I). There is variation in the material covered in the graduate versus undergraduate classes, depending on the instructor.  This means that some offerings of the undergraduate version will be much more comprehensive than other versions of the graduate version, and vice-versa. You are not allowed to count both ECE460N and ECE382N.1. You are not allowed to count both ECE445M and ECE380L.12.

          Approved ACSES supporting work classes for Masters Degree

1) Any graduate course from any engineering, natural sciences, information school, and medical school department (including CS) provided the course can be used by that department's graduate students for credit toward their MS or PhD degree and the course does not appear in the Major courses list above.
2) Courses taken within the ECE department that are sufficiently different from computer architecture and embedded processors can be used as supporting work for the masters degree. For example, ECE397K Intellectual Property can be used as supporting work for the masters degree.
3) One or two courses from the Business and Law Schools, provided the course can be used by that department's graduate students for credit toward their MS or PhD degree; some courses offered in other departments, especially Law and Business, do not meet this requirement. Please approval before taking the class.

These classes cannot be counted for the MS degree
ECE397K    Advanced Oral Communication for International Students
ECE397K    Advanced Written Comm. for International Students
ECE397M    Graduate Research Internship
ECEx97C    Research Problems
ECEx97G    Research Problems
ECE397K.1    Topic 1-Conference Course
ECE398T    Supervised Teaching

Under most situations it is a good idea to get approval from the academic track advisor before you taking either a supporting work or an undergraduate class.
You must receive a C or higher in a course in order to count it toward your MS degree. You must receive a B- or higher in a course in order to count it toward your PhD degree.