EE345L Design Competition, Spring 2008
Jonathan Valvano
Deepak Panwar
Jacob Egner
Usman Tariq
Objective: Design, Construct, and Test an embedded system

Judging Criteria
Visual appeal, functionality, and software quality

6811 microcontroller, 28C64 EEPROM, $59 ExpressPCB Service, $20 out-of-pocket expenses

 Propose a project
 Design the microcontroller-based hardware circuit
 Layout circuit board using ExpressPCB
 Build a 3-D mockup
 Fabricate PCB
 Test subcomponents (power, reset, clock, memory interface, I/O devices)
 Develop and test software

Lab08f.pdf  Lab11a.pdf  Lab12a.pdf


 Daryl Goodnight, Stephanie Peco, Perry Durkee, Carole Bearden, MerydithTurner, Mike Filippo, Roland Rocha, and Paul Landers


Geo Tu & Justin Ewasko, Air Guitar, TA Usman
Alexander Dang-Tran & Adrian Fernandez, Battleship, TA Usman
Anwesha Sarkar & Annie Hsieh, Battle Pong, TA Usman
Michelle Newton & John Zhang, TA Usman
Julian Ramos, Nick Wong, Johnathan Starr, U.S.S. Valvano, TA Jacob
William Mathews& Zain Rizvi, Binary, Jacob

May 2, 2008

Winners (tie for first place)

 1st place: Geo Tu & Justin Ewasko, Air Guitar, Air Guitar Video
 1st place: Julian Ramos, Nick Wong, Jonathan Starr, U.S.S. Valvano

 3rd place: Alexander Dang-Tran & Adrian Fernandez, Battleship


Mike Filippo watching Air Guitar



Daryl judging



Valvano influencing the judges




USS Valvano by Julian Ramos, Nick Wong, Jonathan Starr



Binary by William Mathews& Zain Rizvi



Battle Pong by Anwesha Sarkar & Annie Hsieh



Battleship by Alexander Dang-Tran & Adrian Fernandez


Jose Munoz, Valvano, and Jorge Serratos



Michelle Newton & John Zhang



Annie Hsieh & Anwesha Sarkar



Adrian Fernandez & Alexander Dang-Tran


William Mathews& Zain Rizvi


Geo Tu & Justin Ewasko, Air Guitar

Julian Ramos & Nick Wong



Valvano making another speech