EE319K Lab 10 Videos
Spring 2020

Jonathan Valvano, Al Cuevas, and Ramesh Yerraballi


The objectives of Lab 10 are: 1) to design, test, and debug a large C program; 2) to review I/O interfacing techniques used in this class; and 3) to design a system that performs a useful task. There are two options for Lab 10. Option 1 is to design a 80ís-style shoot-em up game like Space Invaders. Option 2 is to design a low-cost ventilator (simulating the motor and patient airway pressure).

Students began by proposing a design meeting specifications, see Spring 2020 Proposals. TAs reviewed the proposals for clarity and completeness. Next, the students implemented and tested their system. After demonstrating the system to their TA, students created a YouTube video of their project. Students watched each other's video and voted for their favorites. The winners below reflect this voting. Texas Instruments donated prizes, which will be awarded when we return to campus.

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MW 1:30 winners

1st place - The Legend of Zorlda by Zachary Chin and Alex Liang

2nd place - Street Fighter by Jonathan Hamada and Eric Li

3rd place - Beat Slider by Yusuf Khan and Prathik Srinivasan

MW 12:00 winners

1st place - Donkey Kong by Hayden Pietsch

2nd place - Dig Dug by Elijah Gonzalez and Miguel Martinez

3rd place - Piano Hero by Reva Vaidya and Lizette Wong

MW 3:00 winners

1st place -  NBA Jam by Ian Joshi and Manthan Upadhyaya

2nd place - Binding of Covid by Bendy Medawar, Shaw-Iong Hsueh

3rd place - Go Bevo Go! by Hannah Lee and Jonathan Voss

TTH 3:30 winners

1st place - Super Duper Speedrunner by Johnnytam Do and Axel Barrera

2nd place - Corona Jump by Benjamin Wu and David Alas

3rd place - Speed Racers by Casey Kim and Kiwi Randolph

TTH 12:30 winners

There's actually a tie for first place in this section!

1st place - Super Smash Bros by Allen Jiang and Jason Math

1st place - 319K Crate Box by Jeffrey Liu and Alvin Zhang

3rd place - Tanks by Joseph Lawler and Alexander Ali


All videos in no particular order: