How to install windows drivers for the LaunchPad. There are a total of three drivers to install. The pictures here were captured from Windows XP.


1) Download and unzip the software for EE319K Find the folder named LM4F_stellaris_drivers, which includes the drivers


2) Plug in the LaunchPad into a USB port. Pick the USB port you will most likely want to use. You should get the following dialog. Choose Install from a list or specific location.



3) In this dialog, press Browse and find the folder with the windows drivers. After the file path directs to the folder with the drivers, click next.


4) Wait will it searches for the correct drivers


5) If you get a warning, select Continue Anyway


6) For each device, you should get a "The wizard has finished..." dialog


 7) Repeat for the second driver



 8) Repeat for the third driver 


If you open the device manager there should be no error flags (devices without drivers)