Instructions for setting up the lab system (MSPM0 version)
CCS Install Directions 
How to unbrick the MSPM0G3507 by forcing BSL (bootstrap loader) with physical reset:
  1) Press-and-hold the BSL_Invoke button (S1, near LED) while pressing and releasing the Reset button.
  2) The device should go to BSL and stay in Active mode for ~10secs.
  3) Attempt to program immediately after releasing reset.
  4) Release the BSL_Invoke button (S1, near LED).
We recommend you do not create new projects, Rather take an existing project and duplicate the folder. The change the old project/software as needed.  

ECE319K material to download

Link to download



See step 3 of CCS install

Fall 2023 installer

The installation has the starter files for some ECE319K labs and several other projects with example code for the MSPM0G3507.



1) Print this pdf at 100% on card stock, 2) cut out along the dotted lines, 3) carve out the two rectangles, and 4) place on the bottom of the LaunchPad to assist in wiring. Please print the document at 100% for proper sizing


KiCAD Drawing files

This starter files for the MSPM0 and all the external parts that we will be using in ECE319K. For more information on KiCAD, perform the tasks associated with PCB camp


C header

C file will all the port addresses for the MSPM0G3507.



Calculate the accuracy of the Lab 7 distance measurements

Lab9: WC.m

Matlab/Ocatve script

Matlab/Octave script to convert wav files into C declaration with n-bit sound. To run the WC script you will need Matlab or a free version of Matlab called Octave. The function WC expects a filename and a precision (see the file for instructions on how to use). Watch this Video to see how to install Octave and run this script.

Game project video from Fall 2012
YouTube video of superfinals

YouTube video;

To learn more about Game Engine design look at Chapter 9 of the Textbook 



Convert BMP files into code that can be displayed on ST7735R LCD.

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