TExaS Test Execute and Simulate

TExaS is published as part of one of these two books, Embedded Microcomputer Systems: Real Time Interfacing, Second Edition, Jonathan W. Valvano, Thomson-Engineering Publishers, now available, ISBN 0534551629 or Introduction to Embedded Microcomputer Systems: Motorola 6811 and 6812 Simulation, Jonathan W. Valvano, Thomson-Engineering Publishers, ISBN 0-534-39177-x (UPGRADE to the latest version)   Instructional Movies   If you are running Vista and the TExaS help doesn't work, click  Help System in Vista

What is currently working in Version 1.37 

1) all of 6811/6812 instructions, addressing modes 
2) user interactive interface, break points, cycle view, backward dump 
3) import source, listing, S19 from other assemblers and compilers 
4) simulates parallel ports of the 
   68HC11A8 EVB board (expanded mode with 6824)
    68HC711E9 Axiom EVB board (expanded mode)
    68HC711D3 (I/O devices at 0 to $003F) 
    9S12DP512 (same as 9S12DG256) 
5) external switches and LEDs 
6) memory architecture for the 6811 and 6812 
7) interactive, context sensitive help 
8) 6811/6812 assembler (two passes) 
9) 6811/6812 SCI serial port to virtual terminal 
10) 6811/6812 Wizard assembler ( verbose error messages) 
11) Liquid crystal Display 3 digits, sign, decimal points 
12) Easy interface with ImageCraft ICC11 and ICC12 
13) Export S19 files 
14) ADC interface and external analog signals with noise 
15) 6811/6812 Multiple channel output compare 
16) Interrupts (TDRE and RDRF SCI, output compare) 
17) 8 channel logic analyzer, analog scope 
18) Interactive editor with continuous assembly 
19) Symbol table added to listing file 
20) Lots of Metrowerks ICC11 and ICC12 examples 
21) Timer overflow (TOF) interrupts 
22) Multiple input capture channels with interrupts
23) Scanning keyboard with key bounce
24) Multiple keywakeup interrupts, 6811 STRA interrupt
25) Interface into Metrowerks compiler/assembler
26) Reads files from older versions
27) Bar code and IR remote control devices
28) Direct reading/writing of text files (editor-only mode)
29) DC motor, with DAC actuator and ADC tachometer
30) Improved support of the Metrowerks Compiler
31) Includes a mode to ignore unimplemented I/O ports
32) Works in Win2000
33) Generates RTF program files compatible with Word, WordPad
34) Detailed CCR explanations on 6811/6812 instructions
35) Real time periodic interrupts on the 6811/6812, RTI 
36) wai instruction simulation  
37) Hitachi HD44780 compatible LCD display  
38) Stepper Motor Robot  
39) Simple linkage to open-course GNU C Cross-Compiler
40) 9S12C32 and 9S12DP512 simulation
41) Interface to real 9S12 boards running serial monitor 
42) Version of robot maze that runs a little bit like TRobots 
43) Removed the 6805 and 6808 simulation
44) Added slide pot simulator for ADC
45) SCI input/output can be ASCII decimal or hexadecimal

What is next for TExaS

1) Command-line interpreter/debugger in TheLog.rtf window 
2) More assembly programming help 
3) DC motor with PWM actuator and frequency dependent tachometer
4) SPI interface with DAC8043 12-bit DAC, Max148 Dual DAC  
5) Spell check with suggested alternatives 
6) Bounce simulation in regular switches
7) Easy links to assembly errors
8) Improved linkage to ICC12 V7
9) Segmented memory, #area pseudo-op
10) Traffic light, elevator, robot arm
11) Multiple file assembly, #include pseudo-op



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