EE313 Linear Systems and Signals

Prof. Brian L. Evans

Fall 2010

Lectures - Handouts - Homework

EE 313 builds a mathematical foundation for analyzing signals and systems in a wide variety of applications.

Topics include representation of signals and systems, system properties, sampling, Laplace and z-transforms, transfer functions, frequency responses, convolution, stability, Fourier transform, feedback, and control applications, as well as computer analysis using MATLAB.

EE 313 feeds into several ECE specializations, including Data Science & Machine Learning, Energy Systems & Renewable Energy, and Communications, Networks & Systems. Here's a list of the 27 undergraduate ECE courses at UT Austin that build on EE 313.

The EE 313 course content above was developed by Prof. Brian L. Evans. It has also been used at UT Austin by Dr. K. Clint Slatton in his Spring 2002 EE 313 section, Dr. Brian Kelley in his Fall 2002 EE 313 section, Prof. Jeffrey G. Andrews in his Spring 2003 EE 313 section, and Prof. Adnan Kavak in his Fall 2008 EE 313 section. Prof. Evans' slides have also been used by Dr. Manish Gupta in the Fall 2004 quarter at The Ohio State University, as well as Prof. Charles Wu in the Fall 2008 semester at Arkansas Tech University (in ELEG 3123 Signals and Systems).


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