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Coffee/Advising Hours: F 12-2pm. Any topic. Meet others. Zoom & EER O's Cafe. Face coverings.
Office Hours: MW 10-10:30am and T 12-2pm by Zoom.
"Recent Actions at UT Austin to Address Its Own Institutional Racism" by A. L. Brown & B. L. Evans

COVID-19 University Protect Texas Together (Spanish), dashboard, more info
University 24-7 hotline, face coverings, social distancing and free student testing
Students Emergency funds: Texas One Stop (US), Texas Global (International), Student Fund (all)
Mental health: Counseling & Mental Health Center and Graduate Student Resource Guide
Find therapists and psychiatrists in Austin (many take health insurance and sliding scales)
Wellness Destress learning environments. Intro video. Resources for students and instructors.

Research Summary, most cited papers, and software releases
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Service Chair Faculty Council 2019-20: pandemic responses and addressing institutional racism
Chair, University Task Force for Developing Community Standards for Faculty
Courseware Open courseware for the Real-Time Digital Signal Processing Lab Course in Spring 2014.

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