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Coffee Hours: Fridays 12-2pm, EER Outdoor Cafe. Meet others. Any topic. Fresh brewed advice since 2003.
Office Hours: M 1-3pm & T 1-2pm on Zoom.
I support academic freedom and shared governance at UT Austin through departmental, college, and university service. In university service, I was a member of the I received the 2021 Civitatis Award from UT President Jay Hartzell for "dedicated and meritorious service to The University of Texas at Austin above and beyond the regular expectations of teaching, research and service". It is the highest service award given by UT Austin to a faculty member.
COVID-19 Free symptomatic testing, test kits and vaccinations on campus
UT Protect Texas Together (Spanish), face coverings and Austin dashboard
Students Emergency funds: Texas One Stop (US), Texas Global (International), Student Fund (all)
Counseling & Mental Health Center and Graduate Student Mental Health Resources
Find therapists and psychiatrists in Austin (many take health insurance and sliding scales)
Wellness In virtual learning environments. Intro video. Resources for students and instructors.
Well-being online course, faculty supporting student well-being and Zoom fatigue remedies

6G@UT Sixth-generation cellular communications research center and technology forum

Research Summary, most cited papers, software releases, and most accessed article
Most recent magazine article, journal article, conference paper and PhD dissertation
AAUP Co-convener, UT Austin AAUP Chapter and Vice President, Texas AAUP Conference
Awards 2021 Civitatis Award for "dedicated and meritorious service to the University"
Courseware Open courseware for the Real-Time Digital Signal Processing Lab Course in Spring 2014.

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