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Office & Coffee Hours: Will resume in Fall 2020

Texas Medical Association ranks COVID-19 exposure risk for 33 activities on a scale of 1-10
University Protect Texas Together roadmap to fall 2020, COVID-19 site, COVID-19 dashboard, fall 2020 reopening plans
Student emergency funding: Texas One Stop (US citizens), Texas Global (International), Student Fund (all students)
Student University Health Services: for advice and COVID-19 testing (512-475-6877) or appointment (512-471-4955)
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Faculty requests to teach online due to being at high risk, or living with someone at high risk, for COVID-19.

Wellness. UT students, staff and faculty in the Well-Being in Learning Environments Project have developed resources for students, resources for instructors, and a video to destress classes and other environments to help students learn better. The project is coordinated by the Counseling and Mental Health Center. The Graduate School has developed a Resource Guide to Mental Health Services for Graduate Students.

Shared Governance. I am serving as Chair of the University Faculty Council (Academic Senate). Faculty Council discusses, evaluates, monitors, and recommends to the President and Provost on all university undergraduate curricular changes and degree programs, and on a wide array of university policies and procedures. The latter include faculty evaluation, workload, compensation, academic freedom, and grievances; student services, activities, admissions, and employment; and libraries, research, and IT. Faculty Council has taken several actions in response to the pandemic. Please send your ideas on how to make UT Austin a better place to live, work, and study by at bevans@ece.utexas.edu.

Research and Teaching Interests. My research and teaching interests are to make cellular communication systems faster and more reliable, and improve visual quality when taking and displaying pictures and video. For my research, I was elevated to IEEE Fellow in 2009 (news release) and received several best/top paper awards. For my teaching, I received a Texas Exes Teaching Award and several other teaching awards. I currently hold the Engineering Foundation Professorship.

Research Group. Our group is researching multiantenna systems to improve 5G/6G cellular communications over millimeter wave bands. We're investigating mixed analog/digital signal processing basestation architectures for millimeter wave bands to reduce power consumption by 1000x and maximize the resulting communication performance. We're also investigating machine learning to improve 4G/5G band switching, 5G basestation coordination, and 5G network fault remediation. Here are the most recent journal paper, conference paper, software releases, PhD dissertation, and awards by members of our research group.

Open courseware for the Real-Time Digital Signal Processing Lab Course in Spring 2014.

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