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Note for prospective graduate students: I've been compiling suggestions for prospective graduate students based on discussions with current and prospective graduate students over many years. If you send an e-mail message and I don't reply, please do not get discouraged. Instead, please consider applying for graduate ECE studies at UT Austin.

Note for prospective undergraduate students: Videos about studying engineering entitled "Engineering is Amazing", "Engineering, Creating What Was Once Only Imaginable" and "Engineering is Incredible ", selected from the winners of a 2014 video contest sponsored by the US National Academy of Engineering. Please consider applying for undergraduate ECE studies at UT Austin.

My research and teaching interests are in the processing of signals to increase connection speeds and reliability in communication systems and improve visual quality of video and still images. For my research, I was elevated to IEEE Fellow "for contributions to multicarrier communications and image display" (news release). For my teaching, I received the University's Texas Exes Teaching Award sponsored by the alumni association. I currently hold the Engineering Foundation Professorship.

More specifically, my research group develops signal processing theory and algorithms with implementation constraints in mind, and translates algorithms into design methods and embedded prototypes. We also develop and deploy full system testbeds to test out our ideas. Our current projects include wireless interference mitigation, cloud radio access networks, smart grid communications, smart phone video acquisition and system-level electronic design automation. My research group is the Embedded Signal Processing Laboratory, which is part of the Wireless Networking and Communications Group and Center for Perceptual Systems.

I've put online open courseware for the Real-Time Digital Signal Processing Laboratory Course in Spring 2014 to facilitate self-study on the topic.

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