EE313 Linear Systems and Signals

Prof. Brian L. Evans

Fall 2018

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EE 313 builds a mathematical foundation for analyzing signals and systems in a wide variety of applications, including speech, audio, image and video processing as well as communications and control systems.

Topics include representation of signals and systems, system properties, sampling, Laplace and z-transforms, transfer functions, frequency responses, convolution, stability, Fourier transform, feedback, and control applications, as well as computer analysis using MATLAB.

EE 313 feeds into several ECE specializations, including Data Science & Machine Learning, Energy Systems & Renewable Energy, and Communications, Networks & Systems. Here's a slide showing the 25+ undergraduate ECE courses at UT Austin that build on EE 313.

The Web site for Prof. Evans' EE 313 course in fall 2010 is available here.

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