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Current Graduate Students

Picture Hugo Andrade
electronic design automation
patterns of reliability for highly parallel systems
Picture Jinseok Choi
signal processing, compressed sensing and image processing
cloud radio access networks
Picture Marcus DeYoung
statistical signal processing
interference modeling and mitigation
Picture Debarati Kundu
image and video processing
3D geometry compression and visual quality assessment
Picture Yousof Mortazavi
digitally enhanced analog circuits
continuous-time analog-to-digital converters
Picture Ghadi Sebaali
signal processing and communication systems
energy efficient signal processing for smart grid networks

Yousof Mortazavi is co-advised by Prof. Arjang Hassibi and Prof. Brian L. Evans.

PhD Alumni Summary

The following PhD alumni were advised by Prof. Brian L. Evans. The link for each alumni's name leads to their dissertation.

Name Employer Title Graduated
Karl Nieman National Instruments Staff Software Engineer Dec. 2014
Chao Jia Qualcomm Corporate R&D Senior System Engineer May 2014
Jing Lin Qualcomm Senior System Engineer May 2014
Kyle Wesson Zeta Associates Associate May 2014
Marcel Nassar Samsung Information Systems America Senior Research Engineer Aug. 2013
Aditya Chopra National Instruments Staff Systems Engineer Dec. 2011
Kapil Gulati Qualcomm Corporate R&D Senior Systems Engineer Aug. 2011
Gregory Allen UT Austin Applied Research Laboratories Senior Engineering Scientist May 2011
Hamood Rehman Avvasi Design Engineer Dec. 2010
Ian Wong National Instruments Advanced Wireless Research Manager May 2007
Kyungtae Han Intel Research Labs Research Scientist Aug. 2006
Zukang Shen Datang Telecom Group Senior Technical Manager May 2006
Vishal Monga Pennsylvania State University Assistant Professor Aug. 2005
Serene Banerjee Tyco Security Products Lead Engineer Aug. 2004
Ming Ding Broadcom Principal DSP Engineer Aug. 2004
Dogu Arifler Eastern Mediterranean University Associate Professor May 2004
Milos Milosevic Halliburton Senior Engineering Manager May 2003
Wade Schwartzkopf Integrity Applications Research Scientist Dec. 2002
Clint Slatton (deceased) University of Florida Associate Professor Dec. 2001
Guner Arslan Silicon Labs Principal Systems Design Engineer Dec. 2000
Niranjan Damera-Venkata HP Research Labs Principal Scientist Dec. 2000
Biao Lu OpenSpirit Senior Software Engineer Dec. 2000
Murat Torlak The University of Texas at Dallas Professor Aug. 1999
Thomas Kite Audio Precision Vice President of Engineering Aug. 1998
Dong Wei at&t Research Labs Member of Technical Staff Aug. 1998

The following PhD graduates were co-advised: Dogu Arifler (Prof. Gustavo de Veciana), Thomas Kite (Prof. Alan Bovik), Clint Slatton (Prof. Melba Crawford), Wade Schwartzkopf (Prof. Alan Bovik), Zukang Shen (Prof. Jeff Andrews), Murat Torlak (Prof. Guanghan Xu), Dong Wei (Prof. Alan Bovik) and Kyle Wesson (Prof. Todd Humphreys).

Here's the breakdown of the current PhD graduate placements:

Note: Zeta Associates was acquired by Lockheed Martin on August 18, 2014, and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Lockheed Martin.

The above PhD alumni took an average of 3.26 years of full-time graduate studies (including internships in industry) from the time that they enrolled as a full-time post-Master's student to the time that they officially graduated with their PhDEE degree.

PhD Alumni Awards

Several PhD alumni have recently received national recognition:

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