EE313 Linear Systems and Signals - Schedule

For Spring 2009, lecture for this course begins on January 21st and ends on May 8th. Each lecture is scheduled for 50 minutes.

The lectures for the first half of the semester follow:

Week Monday Lecture Wednesday Lecture Friday Lecture Deliverables
1/19 MLK DAY Introduction System properties
1/26 System properties System properties System properties Homework #1
2/2 System state System state Continuous-time convolution Homework #2
2/9 Continuous-time convolution Continuous-time convolution Discrete-time convolution Homework #3
2/16 Stability and time response Stability and time response Discrete-time signals and systems Homework #4
2/23 Discrete-time signals and systems Midterm #1 Discrete-time convolution Midterm #1
3/2 Return of Midterm #1 Discrete-time convolution Discrete-time convolution Homework #5
3/9 Difference equations Stability Laplace transform Homework #6

Spring Break is March 14-22.

The lectures for the second half of the semester follow:

Week Monday Lecture Wednesday Lecture Friday Lecture Deliverables
3/23 Laplace transform Inverse Laplace transform Inverse Laplace transform
3/30 Inverse Laplace transform Transfer functions Transfer functions Homework #7
4/6 System realization Midterm #2 Z-transform Midterm #2
4/13 Z-transform Return of Midterm #2 Difference equations Homework #8
4/20 Frequency response Frequency response Z and Laplace transforms Homework #9
4/27 Fourier series Fourier series Fourier analysis Homework #10
5/4 Fourier transform properties Fourier transform properties Sampling theorem Homework #11

Final grades consist of homework assignments, two midterms, and a final exam. The final exam is scheduled to take place 2:00-5:00 pm on May 14th. Coverage of material on the final exam includes sections 1.1 to 8.4 (inclusive) of the textbook, with a couple of exempted sections. Please see the link for more details.

Optional lectures:

Schedule of lectures for MWF format.

Zip file of all lecture slides.

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