EE445S Real-Time Digital Signal Processing Laboratory - Textbooks

Prof. Brian L. Evans

Required Books

There are three required books for the course:
  1. Textbook: C. Richard Johnson, Jr., William A. Sethares, and Andy Klein, Software Receiver Design, Cambridge University Press, Oct. 2011, ISBN 978-0521189446, 480 pages. Matlab code. The paperback version has a retail cost of about $60.

  2. Lab Manual: Thad B. Welch, Cameron H. G. Wright and Michael G. Morrow, Real-Time Digital Signal Processing from MATLAB to C with the TMS320C6x DSPs, CRC Press, 3rd ed., Jan. 2017, ISBN 978-1498781015, hardcover, 480 pages. May be ordered online or bought from the university bookstore. The hardcover version has a retail cost of about $95.

  3. Course Reader: Brian L. Evans, EE445S Real-Time Digital Signal Processing Laboratory, The University of Texas at Austin, Fall 2018, 416 pages. The course reader may be downloaded free of charge from the course Web site or ordered in hardcopy form at a cost of about $40 from the ECE HKN Office.

The Software Receiver Design book is a sequel to the 2004 book Telecommunication Breakdown by C. Rick Johnson, Jr., and William A. Sethares, which we used as the required textbook from spring 2003 to spring 2008. Telecommunication Breakdown is unfortunately out of print. (Errata.)

Both the lecture and laboratory components of this course will make heavy use of Matlab. The laboratory component will also make heavy use of TI Code Composer Studio.

The Real-Time DSP from MATLAB to C book makes reference to manuals for the TMS320C6000 digital signal processor abd boards, and these manuals are only available electronically:

The course reader has all lecture slides (with room to write notes), recent midterm exams, and all handouts. It is a useful reference during homework assignments and open-book/open-note midterms. It is available in electronic form for download for free to allow you to annotate the PDF file with your notes. Alternately, you can order a hardcopy from HKN as noted above. Please bring the course reader to all lectures.

Supplemental Books

The following book is a multimedia introduction to digital signal processing written at the sophomore level.

In addition, a textbook from a signals and system course may be useful for review, such as the following:

The following book would be helpful (but not required) in using LabVIEW:

The course used to use the following lab manual:


Books on Real-Time DSP

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