Embedded and Real-Time Systems / Real-Time Operating Systems

EE445M, Unique: 16355, 16360, 16365, 16370, 16375
EE380L.6, Unique: 16670, 16675, 16680, 16685, 16690
Semester: Spring 2016

Graduate students should register for EE380L.6 and undergraduates should register for EE445M (credit for both will not be allowed).


Lab introduction: EE445M/EE380L.6 Laboratory Policies, including Grading policy about coding style

Instructions Task
Lab 1 Real-time clock, Sitronix ST7735R Display, ADC and graphics drivers on the TM4C123 board running on an ARM Cortex-M4 (review of EE445L)
Lab 2 Real-time operating system kernel (thread switching and synchronization)
  1. Cooperative and preemptive schedule
  2. Periodic and switch interrupts, and spin-lock semaphores
Lab 3 Blocking semaphores, priority scheduling, performance measures, dumping RTOS profile data to the PC
Lab 4 Solid state disk, SSI, address translation, layered software, file system
Lab 5 Memory management, process loader, process creation and linking
Lab 6 Robot interfaces, distributed data acquisition using a CAN network of IR distance sensor, Ping))) distance, motor PWM (teams of 3, 4 or 5)
Lab 7 Formula 0001 Racing Robot (teams of 3, 4 or 5)
  1. Moving and turning, control algorithm
  2. Autonomous operation, system performance analysis (pre-qualification)
  3. Race competition (qualifying & finals)


Lab Schedule

Week First Session Second Session Friday 5pm Comments
1/18 - - - No lab activities
1/25 Meet the TA Select partners   Keil demo, Sensor board soldering
2/1 Lab 1 Prep     Spectrum analyzer demo
2/8 Lab 1 Demo Lab 2.1 Prep Lab 1 Report  
2/15 Lab 2.1 Demo Lab 2.2 Prep   Lab 2.1 has no report
2/22   Lab 2.2 Demo Lab 2.2 Report  
2/29 Lab 3 Prep      
3/7 Lab 3 Demo   Lab 3 Report Hard deadline on Lab 3
3/14 Spring Break If Lab 3 is not demonstrated, revert and complete rest with Lab 2 OS.
3/21 Lab 4 Prep     Midterm is 3/24
3/28 Lab 4 Demo Lab 5 Prep Lab 4 Report  
4/4 Lab 5 Demo Lab 6 Prep Lab 5 Report  
4/11 Lab 6 Demo Lab 7.A Prep Lab 6 Report  
4/18   Lab 7.A Demo    
4/25   Lab 7.B Demo    
5/2 Lab 7.C Demo Lab 7.C Demo Lab 7.C Report Turn in all reports and equipment by 5/6

Prep: Turn in your lap preparation
Demo: Demonstrate your lab to the TA
Report: Turn in your complete lab report (online on Canvas) and submit all your files (online svn repository)

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