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Michael Orshansky

John E. Kasch Endowed Faculty Fellow

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin

1 University Station C8800
ACES Building 6.134
Austin, TX, 78712-0323

E-Mail: orshansky at utexas edu


1. New! My graduate course Design for Low Power and Robustness will be offered in Spring 2016.

2. New! UT graduating seniors: There is a chance to get a fellowship for your MS/PhD studies in my group. Please contact me for details.


My research interests include approximate computing for low-power design, hardware-intrinsic security, design optimization for robustness and manufacturability, statistical analysis and design methods, and reliability modeling.


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Current Students

  • Amit Kumar
  • Che-Chun Lin (co-advised with Sriram Vishwanath)
  • Jaeyoung Park
  • Ye Wang (co-advised with Constantine Caramanis)
  • Xiaodan Xi


  • Ashish K. Singh, Ph.D., 2007 (Terra Technologies)
  • Wei-Shen Wang, Ph.D., 2007 (Mentor Graphics)
  • Bin Zhang, Ph.D., 2008 (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)
  • Murari Mani, Ph.D., 2008 (Advanced Micro Devices)
  • Shayak Banerjee, Ph.D., 2010 (IBM Research)
  • Ku He, Ph.D., 2012 (Cirrus Logic)
  • Jin Miao, Ph.D., 2014 (Cadence)
  • Kareem Ragab, Ph.D., 2015 (Broadcom)
  • Aniket Saha, MS, 2005 (ARM)
  • Joonsoo Kim, MS, 2005
  • Hady Zeineddine, MS, 2009
  • Mario Lok, MS, 2010 (Harvard)
  • Mukund Kalyanaraman, MS, 2012 (nVidia)
  • Meng Li, MS, 2015



Book: Design for Manufacturability and Statistical Design

The paperback version of my book "Design for Manufacturability and Statistical Design: A Constructive Approach"  is now available on Amazon.

About the book: Design for Manufacturability and Statistical Design: A Constructive Approach provides a thorough treatment of the causes of variability, methods for statistical data characterization, and techniques for modeling, analysis, and optimization of integrated circuits to improve yield.

The objective of the constructive approach developed in this book is to formulate a consistent set of methods and principles necessary for rigorous statistical design and design for manufacturability from device physics to large-scale circuit optimization.