EE 382N -Announcements

Spring 2006


  • There will be a normal discussion session on Monday April 24.
  • There will be meetings with the groups who want to discuss some issues with the TAs on Tuesday April 25. Please email Danny or Chang Joo if your group wants to have the meeting.

  • 03/28/2006

  • The exam will be held in ENS 302.

  • 03/26/2006

  • To help you study for the midterm, here is a copy of the midterm Professor Patt gave the last time he taught 382N (Spring 2004). Although you should not expect to see the same questions, it should give you a sense of the style of the exam. [spring04 pdf]

  • 03/25/2006

  • There will be the written exam at 5:00PM on Wednesday, March 29. The room will be posted soon.

  • For the purpose of helping students prepare for the midterm, Professor Patt likes to provide students with a set of buzzwords which were mentioned throughout the lectures to date. Please note this isn't necessarily a complete list of all the topics he covered. [txt]

  • Several class meetings have been rescheduled, as shown below. The syllabus has been changed to reflect these items.

  • 03/21/2006

  • No discussion session and class on March 21 and 22. Please meet your group members to prepare for the first design review.

  • Office Hours Announcement This Week

  • 03/18/2006

  • Professor Patt posted a first design review sign-up sheet on his office door (ENS 541). Please sign up for your group's first design review. Note that this meeting will consist of all members of your group, Professor Patt, Danny and Chang Joo.

  • 03/10/2006

  • There is no office hours during spring break.

  • 02/10/2006

  • Due to HPCA, there will be no class and office hours on Monday (02/13) and no discussion session on Tuesday (02/14).

  • 02/02/2006

  • Office hours during the semester.

  • 02/01/2006

  • No class on February 1. Please attend the seminar in ACES 2.402 and turn in your student information sheet in class on February 6.

  • Office Hours Announcement

  • 01/30/2006

  • Seminar Notice
  • Seminar Notice


  • Homework 2 has been posted.

  • 01/27/2006

  • There will be no discussion session on 01/27.

  • 01/25/2006

  • Seminar Notice


  • Office Hours Announcement

  • 01/19/2006

  • There will be extra discussion sessions as follows

  • There will be extra discussion sessions at 5PM on January 19 and 20. We will post the room number soon.

  • Seminar Notice

  • 01/18/2006

  • Student Information Sheet has been changed. Please use the new form and turn in on February 1.

  • 01/17/2006

  • Homework 1a and 1b are posted.

  • 01/16/2006

  • The first meeting of EE382N will be Wednesday's lecture (January 18) in ENS 109.