Wed, 25th Oct 2017, 01:57 An experimental offering of courses in the Spring

My students,

This is something that I think you should be aware of.

Professors Valvano and Gligoric, with the strong approval of the faculty,
are going to do a coordinated treatment of EE319K and EE312 in the Spring.

Normally, the follow-on to EE306 is EE319K, our first embedded systems course,
and the first programming course (EE312) is taken in the sophomore year.

There is an attempt among the faculty to try to coordiate courses to show
that concepts learned in one course can shed light on concepts learned in
other courses.  That is, the courses in our curriculum are not islands unto

The dept will undertake a pilot program this Spring with one of the EE319K
sections (taught by Professor Valvano) and one of the EE312 sections (taught
by Professor Gligoric) coordinating their lectures to show the linkages between
the two.  Students wishing to take advantage of this experiment would be taking
both EE319K and EE312 in the Spring, instead of waiting until next year to
take EE312.

The workload will be heavy, but you will learn a lot.  Both Professors are
serious teachers.

I will spend a couple of minutes on this at the start of class tomorrow.
Meanwhile, I am including here a message from Professor Valvano.

See you in class tomorrow.

Yale Patt

EE312/EE319K Combined Experience

During the Spring 2018 semester, Professors Milos Gligoric and Jonathan
Valvano will teach special sections of EE312 and EE319K in an integrated
manner. To join the adventure you must register for both sections for the
Spring 2018 semester. EE306 is the only prerequisite.  There are two goals
for this experience:

A) Because many topics of the two classes overlap, we believe teaching
them during the same semester will be more effective. Topics introduced in
one class can be reinforced in the other;

B) Taking EE312 earlier in your academic career will improve chances for

For more information, see

Reasons for joining our adventure

1) If you are interested in internships in the computer or software
fields, taking EE312 earlier will provide an advantage

2) If you plan to select Computer Architecture/Embedded Systems or
Software Engineering as your primary tech core, this experience willspeed
your entry into advanced classes in these cores. It is not, however, a
requirement for you to be interested in CAES or SE to participate in the
pilot; all ECE students are invited.

Reasons for not joining our adventure

1) You do not like to develop software

2) You are really struggling in EE306. If you find the whole software
development process a complete mystery, you may find the two-semester
sequence (instead of the pilot) easier to handle.

If you are interested in this experiment, please provide your name, EID on
the following Qualtrics survey at If more than 75
students apply we will select 75 students in a random lottery.

-Jonathan Valvano