TM4C123 Reference material 
Link Description
CortexM_InstructionSet.pdf   Assembly instruction set
CortexM4_TRM_r0p1.pdf  Technical Reference Manual Cortex M4, Assembly instruction set  
QuickReferenceCard.pdf   ARM and Thumb-2 Instruction Set Quick Reference Card
tm4c123gh6pm.pdf Data sheet of TM4C123 microcontroller
tm4c123gh6pmErrata.pdf Known bugs of TM4C123 microcontroller
TM4C123_LaunchPadUsersManual.pdf    Board information
compiler_output_guide.pdf Short list of typical Keil compiler errors

Fall 2020 EE319K, see datasheets folder included in the TExaS_Install.exe edX/EE319K software

More data sheets

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