EE313 Linear Systems and Signals - Schedule

Fall 2010

The schedule for the lectures for the Fall 2010 semester, which were 75 minutes long, follow:

Week Tuesday Lecture Thursday Lecture Deliverables
8/23/2010 NO SCHOOL Introduction
8/30/2010 Signals Continuous-time systems Homework #1
9/6/2010 Continuous-time systems Continuous-time convolution Homework #2
9/13/2010 Continuous-time convolution Differential equations Homework #3
9/20/2010 Discrete-time signals and systems Discrete-time convolution Homework #4
9/27/2010 UNIVERSITY CLOSED Discrete-time convolution Homework #5
10/4/2010 Stability and time response Midterm #1 Midterm #1
10/11/2010 Difference equations Stability Homework #6
10/18/2010 Fourier series Fourier analysis Homework #7
10/25/2010 Fourier transform properties Sampling theorem Homework #8
11/1/2010 Laplace transform Inverse Laplace transform Homework #9
11/8/2010 Transfer functions System realization Homework #10
11/15/2010 Z-transform Midterm #2 Midterm #2
11/22/2010 Difference equations THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY
11/29/2010 Frequency response Z and Laplace transforms Homework #11

There will be two guest lecturers this semester:

Prof. Evans will be out of town on the above dates on university business.

Final grades consist of homework assignments, two midterms, and a final exam. Coverage of material on the final exam.

Optional lectures:

Schedule of lectures for MWF format from Spring 2009.

Zip file of all lecture slides from Fall 2010.

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