ECE445S Real-Time Digital Signal Processing Laboratory - Textbooks

Prof. Brian L. Evans

Required Books

There are three required books for the course:
  1. Textbook: C. Richard Johnson, Jr., William A. Sethares, and Andy Klein, Software Receiver Design, Cambridge University Press, Oct. 2011, ISBN 978-0521189446, 480 pages. Matlab code. The paperback version has a retail cost of about $60.
    The UT Libraries have an electronic version available without any cost to students.

  2. Lab Manual: Cem Unsalan, M. Erkin Yucel, and H. Deniz Gurhan, Digital Signal Processing using Arm Cortex-M based Microcontrollers, Arm Educational Media, Sep. 14, 2018, ISBN 978-1-911531-15-9, 354 pages. You may request a free download from ARM.
    Your enrollment in any course is protected by the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. The form to request a download of the book is generic, and by completing the form, ARM will not know that you are enrolled in this course. For additional student privacy, you can use a non-UT e-mail address, write "Self-Employed" for "Employer" and "Job Title", and give nnn-555-5555 for the "Phone Number" where nnn is an area code.

  3. Course Reader: Brian L. Evans, ECE445S Real-Time Digital Signal Processing Laboratory, The University of Texas at Austin, Fall 2023, 579 pages. The course reader may be downloaded free of charge. Contains lecture slides, recent midterm exams, and all handouts.

The Software Receiver Design book is a sequel to the 2004 book Telecommunication Breakdown by C. Rick Johnson, Jr., and William A. Sethares, which we used as the required textbook from spring 2003 to spring 2008. Telecommunication Breakdown is unfortunately out of print. (Errata.)

Supplemental Books

The following book is a multimedia introduction to digital signal processing written at the sophomore level.

The following book is available free of charge through Open Educational Resources Commons:


Books on Real-Time DSP

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