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Multimedia Systems

Concepts Standards and Practice

 Ramesh Yerraballi

    This book on Multimedia Systems is an ongoing effort to put together my lectures and notes compiled over several years of teaching a Multimedia Systems course in the CSE department at UT Arlington. I originally had planned to write a book and have it published. To this end I put together a propectus to submit to publishers. However,  once I discovered the Creative Commons movement, I realized it is a more natural fit for my thinking on the matter of books. I do not care to make money off of a "student". The knowledge contained in these lectures is not my invention, it may have the imprint of my interpretation and to that extent is my creation with all its flaws. Therefore, I see myself as merely a conduit of this knowledge. It is for you the reader to decide what this is worth to you. If this is worth something to you then hopefully you will participate in similar acts of knowledge dissemination as you are able.

    Most of the topics are complete with some that I plan to fill with time. For each topic that I already have content there is my audio that goes with the powerpoint slides. The pdfs are simply prints of the powerpoint slides. On some lectures I have notes associated with the powerpoint slides. Also where relevant I used animation in powerpoint when I felt it served as an aid towards comprehension.

   A short note about the Creative Commons license. It is by far the most open license I am aware of. In a nutshell, it allows you to use the material however you deem fit (for commercial use as well) as long as you acknowlege the attribution of the source (me).

Creative Commons License
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