ECE319K/ECE319H Introduction to Embedded Systems   ECE319K/ECE319H will continue the bottom-up educational approach, started in ECE306. The overall educational objective is to allow students to discover how the computer interacts with its environment. It will provide hands-on experiences of how an embedded system could be used to solve EE problems. The focus will be understanding and analysis rather than design. The analog to digital converter (ADC) and digital to analog converter (DAC) are the chosen mechanism to bridge the CE and EE worlds. EE concepts include Ohms Law, LED voltage/current, resistance measurement, and stepper motor control. CE concepts include I/O device drivers, debugging, stacks, FIFO queues, local variables and interrupts.  You may use, edit, run or distribute these files as long as the copyright notices within the files remain. No specific warranty exists concerning the accuracy or reliability of these examples. I think they work, but history has shown, sometimes I can be wrong. 

This page contains links to PowerPoints from Spring 2024 .

How to unbrick the MSPM0G3507 by forcing BSL (bootstrap loader) with physical reset:
  1) Press-and-hold the BSL_Invoke button (S1, near LED) while pressing and releasing the Reset button.
  2) The device should go to BSL and stay in Active mode for ~10secs.
  3) Attempt to program immediately after releasing reset.
  4) Release the BSL_Invoke button (S1, near LED).

How to remove Type 'uint32_t' could not be resolved error.
YouTube videos from EE319K Spring 2020

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