EE382C Embedded Software Systems - Spring 1997 Projects

Prof. Brian L. Evans

The research projects completed during the Spring 1997 semester are listed below. After the course was over, the students had great success in refining and publishing their work, which has resulted in 1 IEEE letter, 1 IEEE correspondence item, 4 invited conference papers, and 1 patent.

  1. Gregory Allen and David Schanbacher, "Beamforming with Process Networks and Pthreads"
    This paper explores the possibility of implementing digital interpolation beamforming algorithms in real-time using POSIX threads and process networks on a single- and multi-processor Sparc workstation under the Solaris operating system.

  2. Mike Kuei-Che Cheng, "Active Noise Cancellation in a Wireline Telemetry System"
    This paper discusses a noise cancellation algorithm that reduces periodic in-band noise by crosstalk between the power and data cable of a multiconductor channel in a wireline telemetry system.

  3. Aditya Dube and Ashutosh Kulkarni, "Benchmarking Code Generation Methodologies for Programmable Digital Signal Processors"
    Our paper presents a quantitative analysis of the performance of compilers and automated tools as code generation methodologies,

  4. David Harding and Selim Tasiran, "Visual Design Tool Interfaces for AM-FM Image Modeling"
    We integrate existing amplitude modulated-frequency modulated (AM-FM) libraries into Ptolemy and Khoros to provide natural, visual interfaces to the routines with formal semantics coordinating the interaction between the routines for efficient simulation and synthesis.

  5. Biao Lu, "Implementation of Artificial Neural Networks by Using Synchronous Dataflow Models"
    Artificial Neural Networks can be modeled using Synchronous Dataflow, which allows them to be mixed naturally with signal processing and communications to form heterogeneous systems that can be simulated and synthesized.

  6. Guy Maor, "Implementing Karp and Miller Processes in Java"
    We develop a Web-based simulator for Karp and Miller processes, which are a determinate model of distributed computation in which nodes communicate over queues.

  7. Matthew Felder and Jimmy Mason, "Efficient Dual-Tone Multiple-Frequency Detection Using the Non-Uniform Discrete Fourier Transform"

Projects were reported on the following days.

March 3 March 5 April 28th April 30th
Team #6 Team #1 Team #1 Team #6
Team #4 Team #4
Team #2 Team #7 Team #7 Team #2
Team #5 Team #3 Team #3 Team #5

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