I no longer maintain all my publications on this webpage. Please visit my Google Scholar Webpage to access them, or my Full CV for a complete list.

Selected Archived Talks:

J. G. Andrews, "A Tractable Framework for Coverage and Outage in Heterogeneous Cellular Networks", ITA Invited Talk, Feb. 2011. Slides in pdf

J. G. Andrews, "Understanding Femtocell-Overlaid Cellular Networks", IEEE Femtocell Workshop Keynote. Slides in pdf

J. G. Andrews, "Understanding Wireless Networks with Spatial Randomness via Transmission Capacity", Princeton University, April 2010. Slides in pdf

J. G. Andrews, "An Overview of 3G and 4G Wireless Standards" Slides in pdf

J. G. Andrews, "Wireless Broadband with 802.16/WiMax: Current Performance and Future Potential", in conjunction with AT&T Labs, April 2005. Slides in pdf

J.G. Andrews, "Code Division Multiple Access for Wireless Communications", 2003. Slides in pdf

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