EE 360N Announcements

Spring 2001

Last Update of this Page: 05/21/01


Final Exam Grades

If you would like to examine your final exam, you may look at it in Prof. Patt's secretary's office in ENS 541 anytime she is there. That means nominally 8am to 5pm, minus her lunch hour and also when she is running errands. The model we will use is as follows: Show her your student ID card; she will hand you your exam. You will not take the exam from her office, or mark on it with any pen, pencil, etc. When you are through looking at it, return the exam to her. If you feel there has been an error in grading, do not bother her. Send Prof. Patt email explaining the problem, and he will regrade it when he gets back.

Final Exam Solutions


Final Exam Rooms

Final Exam will be at WEL 2.246 on Monday May 14, from 7 pm to 10 pm. There is no overflow room.


Problem Set 4 and 5 have been graded.

You can pick them up from Onur or Kameswar (ENS 532).


Dr. Patt's extended office hours for the Final Exam

Professor Patt will hold extended office hours in the form of optional review sessions on Saturday, May 12, from 10pm to midnight, in ENS 127 and on Sunday, May 13, from 4pm to 6pm, in ENS 127.


Exam 2 Solutions pdf ps

Please note the correction to problem 5, part III: the third VLD cannot start till the first VLD has completed.


Time/Place of the Optional Review Session (Changed)

Professor Patt will be holding the optional review session this Saturday, March 24, from 4pm to 6pm at ENS 127.


A Message from Professor Patt about this week's lectures and the optional help session

As predicted a couple of weeks ago, there will be no formal lectures the week of March 19. Both Onur and Kameswar will hold discussion sessions for those who would like the extra help in the normal discussion rooms, 216 Burdine, and 127 ENS. Lectures will resume the week of March 26. Please see the updated class schedule, in particular the lecture scheduled for April 10.

Also, as promised, I am going to hold a very optional help session next Saturday, March 23, in the late afternoon. Time and Room number will be posted as soon as it is confirmed by the scheduling office. The purpose of this session will be to review in whatever detail students find necessary the material we have already covered. The objective is to help those students who are currently not doing well, but could do well with some more explanation. The rules are that everyone is welcome at the Saturday session, but if you are an A student, you are not allowed to ask any questions. My intent will be to answer questions and work examples. If you would like to attend, but Saturday is just impossible for you, let Onur know, and I will try to schedule another one on Sunday also.

Yale Patt


Exam 1 Solutions


Exam 1 Room Information

If your last name starts with a letter inbetween A-K, you will take the exam in the regular classroom (Burdine 216). If your last name starts with a letter between L-Z, you need to go to Burdine 212 to take the exam. You are allowed to bring three sheets of notes (in your handwriting) to the exam.


Solution to Problem Set 2 is on the Webpage


Review Session Time and Location

Professor Patt will hold the review session (as discussed in class) starting from 8 pm on Monday February 26 at Burdine 216, the regular classroom.


Onur's Office Hours Have Changed

They're now Tuesdays, Thursdays 3.30-5pm at ENS 507.


New Due Date of Lab Assignment 2 is February 22, 11.59pm.


Problem Set 2 is on the Webpage

It's due February 26, 5.30pm.


Solution to Problem Set 1 is on the Webpage


Lab Assignment 2 is on the Web

Click here to get to it. It's due February 18, 11.59pm.


Student Information Sheet

If you have not turned in your information sheet (with your photo attached), please do so before lecture on January 7, Wednesday. You can also turn it in during discussions or Kameswar and Onur's office hours.


Handouts for LC-2 Microarchitecture are on the Web

Most of these (except for the last 4) are embedded in the hard copies we handed out the first day of the course. To get to the handouts, click here


Change in Course Schedule

There is a change in the schedule of discussions and lectures. March 21 will be a discussion, March 27 will be a lecture. To get to the latest schedule, click here.


ECE Accounts

If you do not have an ECE computer account, you should get one. Normally, as a part of being registered for this course, you should have an account that is not yet active. You can activate your ECE account by talking to the proctors in ENS 507. We will test your lab assignments on UNIX systems and compile them with gcc. You should make sure that your program compiles with gcc before you submit it. You need your ECE account to do this and also to turn in your assignments.


Lab Assignment 1 and Problem Set 1 are on the Web

Lab Assignment 1 is due February 4, 11.59pm. Problem Set 1 is due February 12, 5.30pm. Good luck!


Room Schedule for Discussion Sections

There are two discussion sections, which will be held at dates indicated in the course outline . Onur will hold his discussions in BUR 216, the lecture room. Kameswar will hold his discussion sections in ENS 127 most of the time, except the following dates:

Date Room
January 22 CPE 2.204
February 5 CPE 2.204
April 2 BUR 212

If your last name begins with a letter from A through K, go to Onur's discussion section (BUR 216). If your last name begins with a letter from L through Y (There are no Z's :), go to Kameswar's discussion section (CPE 2.204). After the first discussion, you can go to any discussion section you feel comfortable with.

Last name starts with: Default TA
A - KOnur
L - YKameswar


Information about the First Lecture

The first lecture for EE 360N is currently scheduled for Wednesday, January 17 at 5:30pm in Burdine (BUR) 216. Please check Professor Patt's home page: Wednesday morning to verify this. There is an outside chance that there may be no lecture this week.