EE 360N Announcements

Spring 2003


Solutions to the study questions are posted.


There has been some discussion on the following topics, and I would like your anonymous (if you wish) input. Could you please fill this in and turn it in at the final exam.

Thank you.
Yale Patt


Professor Patt will hold office hours tomorrow (Monday, May 5) from 7pm to 9pm in WEL 1.308 (lecture room). The room can change, in which case we will post an announcement.


Buzzwords covered since Exam 2 are posted: final_buzzwords.txt. Previous lists of buzzwords might also be helpful in your studies for the final exam: exam2_buzzwords.txt exam1_buzzwords.txt


Study questions for some of the topics covered after Problem Set 5 are posted: study questions. You do not need to turn in solutions.


Final exam from Spring 2001 semester is posted: final_s01.pdf


Lab Assignment 4 is posted.


Solution for Exam 2: exam2sol.pdf


Onur's regular office hours are cancelled for Tuesday (April 15) and Thursday (April 17). Instead, he will be holding office hours from 1-3pm on Friday (April 18).

4/14/03 - Schedule Change

Discussion on Tuesday, 4/15/03, and Lecture on Wednesday, 4/16/03.


Review session for Exam 2 will be in ENS 127 at 3 pm on Sunday, April 13.


Buzzwords covered since Exam 1 are posted. Note that this list is not a complete list and Exam 2 covers everything covered in lecture up to April 9 lecture. These buzzwords are provided as an aid in your studies. exam2_buzzwords.txt You also need to know the buzzwords from Exam 1: exam1_buzzwords.txt


Review session for the exam will be at 3 pm on Sunday, April 13. The room for the review session will be posted soon.


Exam 2 from Spring 2001 semester is posted: exam2_s01.pdf


Solution for Exam 1: exam1sol.pdf


Link to the Computer Architecture Seminar Series.


Buzzwords for Exam 1 are posted. Note that the exam covers everything covered in class up to and including interrupts/exceptions. These buzzwords are not necessarily a complete list of all the topics Professor Patt covered. They are only provided as an aid in your studies. exam1_buzzwords.txt


Exam 1 from Spring 2001 semester is posted:


Submission instructions for Programming Assignment 2 and Assignment 1 Regrades

These instructions are posted on "Lab Assignments" page. Note that you need to submit 3 dumpsim files (dumpsim1, dumpsim2, dumpsim3) for Lab 2.


Appendix C Handout - Corrections

  1. On Figure C.2 (page 5), the SHF instruction should be state 13 and not state 12.
  2. Same figure, State 14 should read:
        DR <- PC + LSHF(off9, 1)


Discussion Sections assignment for Monday (2/10/03)

TA Room
Santhosh Srinath/Hyesoon Kim BUR 220
Moinuddin Qureshi WEL 1.308

Both the sections are meeting from 5:00-6:00PM


Correction in example of TRAP instruction - Appendix A, page 22

Example: TRAP x23 ; The starting address is in x46, not x23.


Problem Set 1 will be returned in discussion session on Tuesday.


There will be no discussion sections tomorrow. Lecture will be held at CPE 2.214 at 5:00 PM


Question 14 on Problem Set #1 is postponed to the next problem set


Problem Set #1 and Lab Assignment #1 have been posted


Discussion Sections

Meeting Time TA Room
Tue 11:00-12:00noon Hyesoon Kim RLM 5.112
Tue 2:00-3:00pm Santhosh Srinath ECJ 6.406
Tue 5:00-6:00pm Onur Mutlu CPE 2.214
Tue 5:00-6:00pm Moinuddin Qureshi WRW 113

Each of you needs to pick a room. Suit yourselves.


First Message to Class


Information about the First Lecture

The first lecture for EE 360N is currently scheduled for Monday, January 13 at 5:00pm in CPE 2.208.