Introduction to CMOS VLSI Design


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Class Notes

I will use, with minor modifications, the excellent notes prepared by David Harris to accompany the text. I've listed the corresponding sections of the book, but you should read more broadly. In particular, I would like you to pay particular emphasis to the "Pifalls and Fallacies" section concluding each chapter.

  1. Introduction (1.1-1.3)
  2. CMOS Fabrication and its implications (1.3, 3.1-3.5)
  3. Elementary CMOS logic design and layout (1.4-1.5.5) See Chris Mack's page for a nice litho tutorial.
  4. MOS Device Equations (2.1-2.3.1)
  5. CMOS Logic: Quantiative Analysis (2.3.2-2.6, 4.2)
  6. Logical Effort (4.3)
  7. Interconnect (4.5-4.6)
  8. Simulating Circuits (5 - we won't cover this material, but you may want to brush up on it)
  9. Adders (10.1-10.2) Mathematical treatment of parallel prefix computation
  10. Advanced static gate design (6.1-6.2.1)
  11. Alternatives to static logic (6.2.2-6.2.5, 6.4-6.6)
  12. Sequential Design (7.1-7.5)
  13. Datapath (10.3-10.10)
  14. SRAMs (11.1-11.2)
  15. CAMs, ROMs, and PLAs (11.4-11.7)
  16. MOS Devices in DSM (2.4)
  17. Circuit Pitfalls (6.3)
  18. Test (4.8, 9)
  19. Low Power (6, with an emphasis on 6.5)
  20. Design for Skew (7.5-7.6, 12.5)
  21. Packaging, Power Supplies, and I/O (12.2-12.4)
  22. Scaling and Economics (4.9, and 8.5)
  23. Evolution of Intel processors
  24. Case Study: Cell Processor. An article detailing the cell processor
  25. Review

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