Senior Design Projects

Prof. Brian L. Evans

The senior design project experience consists of two semester courses, EE 364D Introduction to Engineering Design and EE 464 Senior Design Project, taken in back-to-back fall/spring or spring/fall semesters. If you would like me to sponsor or supervise your senior design project, then I would prefer working with you during the first few weeks of EE 364D to formulate your project.

SoundShield Project 2015-2016

SoundShield is a noise masking system for the home to turn unwanted outside noise into soothing sounds In real-time, SoundShield alters the frequency content of an audio track being played inside the home to match outside acoustic noise. By using PortAudio, the code runs on RaspberryPi, MacBook and other Unix platforms. Their live demo on the RaspberryPi in the noisy environment of the senior design project showcase led to a second place award. Here is a short video presentation and their final report. They placed second among all honors and entrepreneur senior design projects. The other category was for regular track senior design projects.

Team Members: Yeong Choo, Jun Qi Lau, Dung Le, Mark Leatherman, Sung Park, Negin Raoof and Brandon Williams.

Augmented Reality Checkers App 2011

"Augmented reality application for smart phones" won first place in the fall 2011 ECE senior design project competition. Final report.

Team members: Farhad Abasov, Jung "James" Lee, Arthur Ishiguro, Kevin Scholz and Alexander Yeh.

Other Past Project Examples

Example past project proposal outlines in reverse chronological order: Example final reports in reverse chronological order: For reference:

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