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Fall 2016+ Spring 2017

Data Science Lab (with Constantine Caramanis )

Spring 2017

Information Theory (information on Canvas)

Spring 2016

Large-Scale Machine Learning (with Constantine Caramanis ) (All information on Canvas)

Fall 2015

Linear Systems and Signals (EE313)

Spring 2015

Information Theory

Fall 2014

Coding theory (Jointly taught with Math and CS)
Linear Systems and Signals (EE313)

Spring 2014

Advanced topics in Coding Theory (PostModern Coding Theory)

Spring 2013

EE313 Signals and Systems syllabus TuTh 12:30-2:00pm
All information is posted on Blackboard.

Prior Teaching at USC

Fall 2012

  • EE595 Algebraic methods in Coding Theory
    (Redesigned this course and introducing new material on Expander Codes, Algebraic methods and Spectral Graph Theory Class site

Spring 2012

  • EE558 Error Correcting Codes

Fall 2011

  • EE599 Distributed Storage Theory Class
    New class that covers theoretical methods for large-scale distributed storage. Class site

Spring 2011

Fall 2010

  • EE 464 Probability Theory

Fall 2009

  • EE 599 Message passing algorithms (special topics class) , syllabus