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I am at UT and I would like to work on a research project with you.

I really enjoy working with new gradute and undergraduate students, so I am glad to hear you are interested in our research: we should talk. This could be the beginning of a really fruitful research collaboration between us. Before we meet or you send me email, you should be prepared to answer a few important questions. A critical one is why you are interested in working in our group and what you think you would like to do. My work spans a fairly large number of areas, e.g., developing sensors, running experiments, designing algorithms, prototyping applications, analyzing data. If working in any of these areas sounds exciting to you, then we are on the right track. Also, the more specific you can be about your research interests, the faster we can move forward. A good idea is to head to the publications section of this web site and read up on papers that my students and I have published recently. Think about which papers you find interesting and why. Perhaps you would like to extend some of the work we have done or a paper has given you new ideas for directions to explore. If it is clear that you have thought about these questions and research opportunities more deeply, I will be more enthusiastic to work with you.

When you are ready to talk, please stop by during my office hours . This is better than sending me email; I get lots of email. My office hours are listed on the front page of the site. Beyond your research interests, I will be interested in learning more about your skills, experience, background and details about your course of study at UT (e.g., your program, classes you have taken). Feel free to send me your CV or resume by email prior to our in-person meeting. If you cannot make it to office hours, let me know and we can find another time to meet.

I am not at UT and I would like to join your research group.

That is great to hear, thank you for your interest. If you are looking to become a graduate student, what you should do is formally apply to the graduate program at UT Austin either with the Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering or with the School of Information. Once you have been accepted into one of these programs, we should chat. If you would like to join the group as a visiting scientist, please contact me. There is usually no funding for these positions, but we have hosted temporary visitors in our lab who brought their own funding in the past. If you are looking for a postdoc position, first make sure one is available and advertised in the front page of this site. If so, please send me an email with your materials (i.e., CV, research statement).

Do you have any RA funding available?

I typically do not fund students to work on research projects unless they have either taken a course I have taught or they have spent at least one semester working on research with me and my students, typically for class credit. Once this criteria has been met, decisions about funding come down to a number of factors such as whether funding is available in the first place and whether a student is a good fit for a funded project.

Can I be a TA for your class?

I usually teach one class every semester and I am often looking for a TA or two. When that's the case, I will advertise the position in the front page of this site and provide more details about the assignment including hours per week, expectactions and responsibilities. I always favor students who have TAed in the past and done well, have taken the class and got a good grade, and have been recommended by other faculty in the department.

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