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Ok Google, What Am I Doing? Acoustic Activity Recognition Bounded by Conversational Assistant Interactions
Rebecca Adaimi, Howard Yong, Edison Thomaz

Improving Prediction of Real-Time Loneliness and Companionship Type Using Geosocial Features of Personal Smartphone Data
Congyu Wu, Amanda N. Barczyk, R. Cameron Craddock, Gabriella M. Harari, Edison Thomaz, Jason D. Shumake, Christopher G. Beevers, Samuel D. Gosling, David M. Schnyer
Smart Health 2021

Automatic, Wearable-Based, In-Field Eating Detection Approaches for Public Health Research: a Scoping Review
Brooke M. Bell, Ridwan Alam, Nabil Alshurafa, Edison Thomaz, Abu S. Mondol, Kayla de la Haye, John A. Stankovic, John Lach, Donna Spruijt-Metz
npj Digital Medicine 2020

Improving Fluid Intake Behavior Among Patients With Kidney Stones: Understanding Patients’ Experiences and Acceptability of Digital Health Technology
Necole Streeper, Alexandra Dubnansky, Ashley Sanders, Kathleen Lehman, Edison Thomaz, David Conroy
Urology 2019

Leveraging Active Learning and Conditional Mutual Information to Minimize Data Annotation in Human Activity Recognition
Rebecca Adaimi, Edison Thomaz
IMWUT 2019

Role of Digital Games in Self-Management of Cardiovascular Diseases: A Scoping Review
Kavita Radhakrishnan, Thomas Baranowski, Christine Julien, Edison Thomaz, Miyong Kim
Games For Health Journal 2019

Audio-Based Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Recognition with Large-Scale Acoustic Embeddings from Online Videos
Dawei Liang, Edison Thomaz
IMWUT 2019

Detecting Eating Episodes by Tracking Jawbone Movements with a Non-Contact Wearable Sensor
Keum San Chun, Sarnab Bhattacharya, Edison Thomaz
IMWUT 2018

Mitigating Bystander Privacy Concerns in Egocentric Activity Recognition with Deep Learning and Intentional Image Degradation
Mariella Dimiccoli, Juan Marín, Edison Thomaz
IMWUT 2017

Semi-Automated Tracking: A Balanced Approach for Self-Monitoring Applications
Eun Kyoung Choe, Saeed Abdullah, Mashfiqui Rabbi, Edison Thomaz, Daniel Epstein, Matthew Kay, Felicia Cordeiro,
Gregory D. Abowd, Tanzeem Choudhury, James Fogarty, Bongshin Lee, Mark Matthews, Julie Kientz
IEEE Pervasive Computing 2017

Book Chapter

Challenges and Opportunities in Automated Detection of Eating Activity
Edison Thomaz, Irfan Essa, Gregory D. Abowd
Mobile Health, pp. 151-174. Springer, Cham, 2017


Characterizing the Effect of Audio Degradation on Privacy Perception And Inference Performance in Audio-Based Human Activity Recognition
Dawei Liang, Wenting Song, Edison Thomaz
MobileHCI 2020

Eating Episode Detection with Jawbone-Mounted Inertial Sensing
Keum San Chun, Hyoyoung Jeong, Rebecca Adaimi, Edison Thomaz
EMBC 2020

Intraoral Temperature and Inertial Sensing in Automated Dietary Assessment: A Feasibility Study
Keum San Chun, Sarnab Bhattacharya, Caroline Dolbear, Jordon Kashanchi, Edison Thomaz
ISWC 2020

Towards a Generalizable Method for Detecting Fluid Intake with Wrist-Mounted Sensors and Adaptive Segmentation
Keum San Chun, Ashley B. Sanders, Rebecca Adaimi, Necole Streeper, David E. Conroy, Edison Thomaz
IUI 2019

Hierarchical Span-Based Conditional Random Fields for Labeling and Segmenting Events in Wearable Sensor Data Streams
Roy J. Adams, Nazir Saleheen, Edison Thomaz, Abhinav Parate, Santosh Kumar, Benjamin M. Marlin
ICML 2016

Detecting Mastication: A Wearable Approach
Abdelkareem Bedri, Apoorva Verlekar, Edison Thomaz, Valerie Avva, Thad Starner
ICMI 2015

Predicting Daily Activities From Egocentric Images Using Deep Learning
Daniel Castro, Steve Hickson, Vinay Bettadapura, Edison Thomaz, Gregory D. Abowd, Henrik Christensen, Irfan Essa
ISWC 2015

A Wearable System for Detecting Eating Activities with Proximity Sensors in the Outer Ear
Abdelkareem Bedri, Apoorva Verlekar, Edison Thomaz, Valerie Avva, Thad Starner
ISWC 2015

A Practical Approach for Recognizing Eating Moments with Wrist-Mounted Inertial Sensing
Edison Thomaz, Irfan Essa, Gregory D. Abowd
Ubicomp 2015
Data + Code

Barriers and Negative Nudges: Exploring Challenges in Food Journaling
Felicia Cordeiro, Daniel A. Epstein, Edison Thomaz, Elizabeth Bales, Arvind K. Jagannathan, Gregory D. Abowd, James Fogarty
CHI 2015 (Best of CHI Award)

Inferring Meal Eating Activities in Real World Settings from Ambient Sounds: A Feasibility Study
Edison Thomaz, Cheng Zhang, Irfan Essa, Gregory D. Abowd
IUI 2015 (Best Short Paper Award)

Leveraging Context to Support Automated Food Recognition in Restaurants
Vinay Bettadapura, Edison Thomaz, Aman Parnami, Gregory D. Abowd, Irfan Essa
WACV 2015

Feasibility of Identifying Eating Moments from First-Person Images Leveraging Human Computation
Edison Thomaz, Aman Parnami, Irfan Essa, Gregory D. Abowd
SenseCam and Pervasive Imaging 2013

Technological Approaches for Addressing Privacy Concerns When Recognizing Eating Behaviors with Wearable Cameras
Edison Thomaz, Aman Parnami, Jonathan Bidwell, Irfan Essa, Gregory D. Abowd
Ubicomp 2013

Recognizing Water-Based Activities in the Home Through Infrastructure-Mediated Sensing
Edison Thomaz, Vinay Bettadapura, Gabriel Reyes, Megha Sandesh, Grant Schindler, Thomas Ploetz, Gregory Abowd, Irfan Essa
Ubicomp 2012


Activiome: A System for Annotating First-Person Photos and Multimodal Activity Sensor Data
Edison Thomaz
PerCom 2020 (ARDOUS)

Usability of a Hands-Free Voice Input Interface for Ecological Momentary Assessment
Rebecca Adaimi, Ka Tai Ho, Edison Thomaz
PerCom 2020 (ARDOUS)

Use of SipIT Intervention to Reduce Common Perceived Barriers to Increasing Fluid Intake among Adult Patients with Kidney Stones
Ashley West, Necole Streeper, Edison Thomaz, David Conroy
Society for Behavioral Medicine 2020 (Conference Cancelled)

SipIT: A Digital Health Just-in-Time Intervention to Increase Fluid Consumption Habits among Patients with Kidney Stones
Necole Streeper, Deborah Brunke-Reese, Edison Thomaz, Ashley Sanders, David Conroy
World Congress of Endourology 2019 (Poster)

Protocol to Develop a Digital Biomarker to Detect Drinking Behavior among Patients with Kidney Stones Using Wrist-Worn Inertial Sensor
Necole Streeper, Edison Thomaz, Ashley Sanders, A. Dubnansky, David Conroy
American Urological Association Annual Meeting 2019 (Poster)

Exploring Symmetric and Asymmetric Bimanual Eating Detection with Inertial Sensors on the Wrist
Edison Thomaz, Abdelkareem Bedri, Temiloluwa Prioleau, Irfan Essa, Gregory D. Abowd
Digital Biomarkers 2017

Disasters in Personal Informatics: The Unpublished Stories of Failure and Lessons Learned
Jon E. Froehlich, Matthew Kay, Jakob Eg Larsen, Edison Thomaz
Ubicomp 2014 (Disasters in Personal Informatics: The Unpublished Stories of Failure and Lessons Learned)

Sequencing the Dietary Exposome with Semi-Automated Food Journaling Techniques
Edison Thomaz
HCIC 2013

A Human-Centered Conceptual Model for Personal Health Informatics Data
Edison Thomaz
CHI 2013 (Personal Informatics in the Wild: Hacking Habits for Health & Happiness)

Hydrostream: A Platform for Collecting, Annotating and Analyzing Water Pressure for Health Applications
Edison Thomaz, Thomas Ploetz, Irfan Essa, Gregory D. Abowd
CHI 2012 (Personal Informatics in Practice)

Interactive Techniques for Labeling Activities Of Daily Living to Assist Machine Learning
Edison Thomaz, Thomas Ploetz, Irfan Essa, Gregory D. Abowd
Workshop on Interactive Systems in Healthcare (WISH) 2011

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