EE445L Lecture Material

Jonathan Valvano

Embedded Systems: Real-Time Interfacing to Arm Cortex-M Microcontrollers, Volume 2, 2012, ISBN: 978-1463590154, Textbook for EE445L,

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LLec00_Introduction.pdf Introduction to course

LLec01_Intro.pdf Embedded Systems, Data flow, call graphs, and flowcharts

LLec02_UART_FixedPoint.pdf Serial port and fixed-point numbers

LLec03_DebugQualityStyle.pdf Quality programming in C

LLec04_Debugging.pdf Debugging and verification

LLec05_Debug_SwitchLED_Interrupts.pdf Interfacing switches and LEDs

LLec06_Interrupts.pdf Nested vectored interrupt controller, priority

LLec07_Logic_Interface.pdf Voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, inductance

LLec08_FSM.pdf Finite state machine, Mealy and Moore

LLec09_Stepper.pdf Motor interface, current, inductance

LLec10_SPI_DAC.pdf Synchronous serial interface

LLec11_DAC_Audio.pdf Digital to analog conversion, audio interfaces

LLec12_9_28.doc Audio signal processing

LLec12_Sound.pdf Sound input/output

LLec13_SystemsPower.pdf Voltage regulation, low power design, systems, requirements document

LLec14_Systems.pdf Systems engineering, power, manufacturability, packaging, requirements document

LLec15_Analog.pdf Op amps, instrumentation amps

LLec16_Thermistor_ADC.pdf Resistance bridge, analog low pass filter

LLec17_DAS.pdf Data acquisition systems, Nyquist Theorem

LLec18_Jitter_FFT.pdf Real-time sampling, Fast Fourier Transform

FFT16.xls 16-element Discrete Fourier Transform

LLec19_InputCapture.pdf Measurement of period and pulse width, matrix keyboard scanning

LLec20_FifoRobust.pdf FIFO queue analysis

LLec21_MSP430.pdf Low power design with MSP430

LLec22_VoltageConversion.pdf Regulators, 5V to 3.3V voltage conversion

LLec23_XBee.pdf Wireless communication

BardLec01.ppt Communication Theory

BardLec02.ppt Practical aspects of communication

LLec24_Timing.pdf Timing equations, timing diagrams, setup and hold times, ethics

LLec27_PWMmotor.pdf Pulse-width modulation, motor interfacing

LLec28_FinalReview.pdf Course review


ValvanoEE445LTshirt_2011.doc Image of T shirt given to winners of the design competition

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