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Join us for a Massive Open Online Class (MOOC) Spring 2014 UT.6.01x Embedded Systems - Shape The World 


ASEE Workshop on Embedded Systems slides   material from this workshop June 24, 2013

Embedded Systems: Example files for the ARM Cortex-M  

   Volume 1, Introduction to ARM Cortex-M Microcontrollers (fourth edition 2nd printing-10/12/2013),  2013, ISBN: 978-1477508992
      Textbook for EE319K,  Available from Amazon   Available from CreateSpace,  Lecture and Lab Material,

      Assembly language and introduction to interfacing for the Stellaris LM3S811, LM3S1968, LM4F120, and TM4C123

   Volume 2, Real-Time Interfacing to ARM Cortex-M Microcontrollers (third edition-6/14/2013), 2013, ISBN: 978-1463590154,

       Textbook for EE445L,  Available from Amazon Kindle e-book Available from CreateSpace     Lecture and Lab Material  List of errors in 2nd Edition

       Interfacing and system design for the Stellaris LM3S811, LM3S1968, LM3S8962, LM4F120, and TM4C123

  Volume 3, Real-Time Operating Systems for ARM Cortex-M Microcontrollers (second edition, 2nd printing-1/1/2014), 2014, ISBN: 978-1466468863, 

       Textbook for EE445M/EE380L.6,   Available on Amazon  Available on CreateSpace   Lecture and Lab Material     List of errors

       Operating systems, signal processing and network design for the Stellaris LM3S2110, LM3S8962, LM4F120, and TM4C123

Embedded Microcomputer Systems: Real Time Interfacing, 3rd Edition, 2011, ISBN-13: 978-1111426255 Download all Teaching Materials
Textbook, Cengage Learning, Table of Contents, outline,  extra questions, programs from the book, list of errors9S12 Starter files    9S12 boards/Metrowerks   9S12C32 programs  

Introduction to Embedded Systems: Interfacing to the Freescale 9S12 Textbook, Cengage Publishing 2009, ISBN-10: 049541137X | ISBN-13: 9780495411376 Teaching materials  Web videos of the Example lessons from the book   Instructional Movies   Table of Contents, Book erratalist of all errors

TExaS, Test EXecute And Simulate  Hardware/Software Co-Simulator, integrated simulator including mechanical, electrical, digital and software components, used for designing embedded systems based on the Freescale 9S12 (UPGRADE to latest version)Instructional Movies   Help System in Vista   Help System in Windows 7
TExaS Robots version 1. 83b, a simulated battlefield for 50 9S12DP512-controlled robots (download the file).

Developing Embedded Software in C Using Metrowerks, edited by Ramesh Yerraballi
On-line HTML textbook, overview of C programming for the 9S12

Example design solutions for embedded systems. Software and hardware solutions based on the Freescale 9S12  and the Stellaris LM3S811 LM3S1968 and LM3S8962

Technical documents (Data sheets) for embedded systems.


Embedded System Courses I teach at the University of Texas  Keil uVision installation and configuration     Data sheets  How to install EE319K/EE445L/EE345M software on a Macintosh  Installing windows drivers for the Launchpad How to install drivers on a Windows 8 machine

EE319K Introduction to Embedded Systems   Syllabus Spring 2014   Spring 2014 Lab manual   Email all professors and TAs    Fall 2012 Design Competition   Spring 2013 Design Competition
Undergraduate class: EE319K students discover how the computer interacts with its environment. Students have hands-on experiences of how an embedded system could be used to solve EE problems. The analog to digital converter (ADC) and digital to analog converter (DAC) are the chosen mechanism to bridge the CE and EE worlds. EE concepts include Ohms Law, LED voltage/current, resistance measurement, and stepper motor control. CE concepts include I/O device drivers, debugging, stacks, FIFO queues, local variables and interrupts. The hardware construction is performed on a breadboard and debugged using a multimeter. Software is developed in assembly and in C for a ARM Cortex-M TM4C123 microcontroller. New Prerequisites: EE306 or BME303 with a grade of at least C-.

EE445L Embedded Systems Design Lab   Syllabus Fall 2012    Old Exams  Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 this will be taught by Professor Bard. I will teach it next in Fall 2014.
Undergraduate lab class: Review of the Arm Cortex M instruction set, LM3S1968 I/O, timing hardware and signals, memory organization, data structures in C, programming style, documentation, real time debugging, buffered I/O using interrupts, programmed logic control, table and linked list interpreters, serial and parallel I/O, keyboards, LED's and LCD's, PCB layout, Data Acquisition, Motor control, ZigBee wireless, and systems. New prerequisite EE319K, EE316 and coregistration in EE333T.  2006 Design Competition      Spring 2007 Design Competition     Fall 2007 Design Competition     Spring 2008 Design Competition Air Guitar Video    Fall 2008 Design Competition    Spring 2009 Design Competition    Fall 2009 Design Competition   Fall 2010 Design Competition   Fall 2011 Design Competition Video  Fall 2012 Design Competition  ECE photos from Fall 2012 

EE445M/EE380L.6 Embedded and Real-Time Systems Lab  Syllabus Spring 2014     Old syllabi    Old Exams   Next taught Spring 2014, starting Spring 2015 Professor Gerstlauer will organize this class.
Undergraduate lab class: Arm Cortex M architecture, C programming, interrupt programming, DMA, real time systems, file systems, controller area networks, thread scheduling, thread synchronization, address translation, DC motors, servo motors, frequency period and pulse width measurements, pulse-width modulation, USB, ADC, data acquisition systems, digital filters, digital PID control, Ethernet, robotics. Prerequisite EE345L/EE445L or EE345S/EE445S.
2003 MonsterBot Battle Royale Competition winners  2004 Scooper/Sorter/Racer Robot Competition
2005 Racer Robot Competition
   2006 Battle Robots
2008 Robot Soccer Competition  2009 Robot Soccer/Tennis   Photos from 2010 Formula0001 Racing    2010 Racing Video  2011 Photos  2011 Racing Video  2012 Racing Video  2013 Racing Video

EE385J.17/BME384J.2 Real-Time Embedded Instrumentation Spring 2009 
Graduate lab class: Instrumentation and real time software. Prerequisites: Microcomputer interfacing, C, op amps, differential equations.
Spring 2009 Projects AquaSol GPS IMS Impedance Measurement  OptoPhone






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Electro-Thermal Bioinstrumentation Laboratory   Sponsor Opportunities

Embedded system design, Biomedical instrumentation, volume measurement using electrical fields, bioheat transfer

Valvano’s research papers

Measurements of pressure, volume, thermal properties, and perfusion. Also there is electrical and thermal modeling.

Links to microcomputer related sites

Microcomputers, electronics, software, sensors, devices

Links to 6812 ICC12 C program examples

LED, LCD, RTI, OC, SCI, SPI, DAC, FSM, FIFO, PWM, threads, interpreter,

Developing Assembly Language Software using TExaS   

On-line HTML textbook, overview of assembly programming for the 6811 and 6812
Introduction to Embedded Microcomputer Systems: Motorola 6811 and 6812 Simulation
Textbook, Thomson-Engineering, ISBN 0-534-39177-x, outline. Lectures, old exams, and other material

Computer Engineering Advising (accepting no new admissions)

Computer Architecture and Embedded Processors Advising



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