EE445L Embedded Systems Design Lab

Design of microcontroller-based embedded systems; interfacing from both a hardware and software perspective; and applications, including audio, data acquisition, and communication systems.

Jonathan Valvano

Volume 2 Embedded Systems: Real-Time Interfacing to ARM Cortex M Microcontrollers    Available from Amazon  Available on CreateSpace

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Labs  lab assignments

General Lab Information  policies and programming style guides

Reference material   data sheets and compiler information

Audio files  example files for sound generation with a DAC

MSP430 files   example files for developing MSP430-based project

PCB artist files  example files for developing PCBs

Stellaris LM3S811 LM3S1968 and LM3S8962  Example code

Old exams  Exams and solutions from previous semesters



LLec00_Introduction.pdf                                  Introduction to course

LLec01_Intro.pdf                                             Embedded Systems, Data flow, call graphs, and flowcharts

LLec02_UART_FixedPoint.pdf                        Serial port and fixed-point numbers

LLec03_DebugQualityStyle.pdf                        Quality programming in C

LLec04_Debugging.pdf                                    Debugging and verification

LLec05_Debug_SwitchLED_Interrupts.pdf      Interfacing switches and LEDs

LLec06_Interrupts.pdf                                      Nested vectored interrupt controller, priority

LLec07_Logic_Interface.pdf                            Voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, inductance

LLec08_FSM.pdf                                            Finite state machine, Mealy and Moore

LLec09_Stepper.pdf                                        Motor interface, current, inductance

LLec10_SPI_DAC.pdf                                    Synchronous serial interface

LLec11_DAC_Audio.pdf                                 Digital to analog conversion, audio interfaces

LLec12_9_28.doc                                           Audio signal processing

LLec12_Sound.pdf                                          Sound input/output

LLec13_SystemsPower.pdf                              Voltage regulation, low power design, systems, requirements document

LLec14_Systems.pdf                                        Systems engineering, power, manufacturability, packaging, requirements document

LLec15_Analog.pdf                                         Op amps, instrumentation amps

LLec16_Thermistor_ADC.pdf                          Resistance bridge, analog low pass filter

LLec17_DAS.pdf                                            Data acquisition systems, Nyquist Theorem

LLec18_Jitter_FFT.pdf                                    Real-time sampling, Fast Fourier Transform

FFT16.xls                                                        16-element Discrete Fourier Transform

LLec19_InputCapture.pdf                                Measurement of period and pulse width, matrix keyboard scanning

LLec20_FifoRobust.pdf                                   FIFO queue analysis

LLec21_MSP430.pdf                                      Low power design with MSP430

LLec22_VoltageConversion.pdf                       Regulators, 5V to 3.3V voltage conversion

LLec23_XBee.pdf                                           Wireless communication

BardLec01.ppt                                                 Communication Theory

BardLec02.ppt                                                 Practical aspects of communication

LLec24_Timing.pdf                                          Timing equations, timing diagrams, setup and hold times, ethics

LLec26_ScannedGraphics.pdf                         Scanned LED matrix 128 by 8 LED display (9S12 solution)

LLec27_PWMmotor.pdf                                  Pulse-width modulation, motor interfacing

LLec28_FinalReview.pdf                                  Course review


ValvanoEE445LTshirt_2011.doc          Image of T shirt given to winners of the design competition


General Lab information

labintro.pdf    labintro.doc    Lab introduction, policies

style.pdf                      C programming style guidelines

style_policy.pdf          Policies about grading

TILogicAnalyzer.pdf  Logic analyzer instructions

c_and_h_files.pdf       Example C programming style

ChipsNeededSp12.pdf           List of chips needed from checkout

Lab2Report.pdf          Example Lab report


Reference material

Keil uVision Reference Manual and instructions for download and setup

How to install EE319K/EE445L/EE345M software on a Macintosh

CortexM3_TRM_r2p1.pdf                 Technical Reference Manual Cortex M3,  Assembly instruction set

CortexM_InstructionSet.pdf              Assembly instruction set

CortexM4_TRM_r0p1.pdf                 Technical Reference Manual Cortex M4,  Assembly instruction set

CreatingProject.pdf                             uVision4 instructions

LM2937-3.3.pdf                                 3.3V reference

LM3S1968.pdf                                   Data sheet

LM3S1968errata.pdf                          Known bugs

LM3S1968kit.pdf                               Evaluation kit, circuit diagram

SystemDesignGuidelines.pdf                How to design embedded systems

LM3S1968pins.pdf                             Quick reference for kit

LM3S1968soldering.pdf                    How to solder pins on the kit

RiT_OLED_P1420_revision2.pdf      OLED data sheet

CAS1007Panel.pcb                             End panels for big black box

Hammond1593Y.pdf                           Box possible for project, Black case, 5.512"x 2.165"x 1.102"

Hammond1591E.pdf                         Box possible for project, Black case, 7.5" by 4.3" by 2.2"

Ifyoumessuptheboard.pdf                   How to reflash chip


Audio files (DAC waveforms)

dac_flute.xls                           Flute sound

dac_horn.xls                            Horn sound

dac_sin.xls                              Sin wave table

dac_trumpet.xls                      Trumpet sound

Instruments.xls                        Multiple sounds (Bassoon, oboe, trumpet

            Bassoon.txt                 Bassoon sound

            Oboe.txt                     Oboe sound

            trumpet.txt                  Trumpet sound

noteFrequencies.xls                 Musical scale

MATLAB Instructions.doc    Convert audio files to raw data


MSP430 files

eZ430-F2013 Development Tool.pdf Development tool                               Example code

msp430f2012.pdf                               Data sheet

MSP430F201x_Artist.pcb                  Example PCB

MSP430F201x_Artist.sch                  Example circuit

MeasuringMicrocontrollerPower.pdf  How to measure power


PCB artist files
Online book by                    Library file with EE319K/EE445L/EE445M parts

PCBArtistTutorial.pdf                       How to draw circuits

PCBArtistLibraryTutorial.pdf            How to make new components

PCBOrderProcess.pdf                      How to order a PCB (last step of Lab 7)



Lab01.pdf       Lab01.doc                   ASCII to fixed-point output to OLED

            Lab1.c fixed.h                        A possible way to develop using simulator

Lab02.pdf       Lab02.doc                   Debugging, oscilloscope fundamentals, logic analyzer, dump profile

            BadFifo.c                                FIFO with bugs

Lab03.pdf       Lab03.doc                   Alarm clock, edge-triggered input interrupts, and SysTick interrupts

            Lab3_Artist.sch                      Starter

Lab04.pdf       Lab04.doc                   Stepper motor, output compare interrupts, finite state machine

            Lab4_Artist.sch                      Starter file with stepper, PN2222, switch, 1N914

Lab05.pdf       Lab05.doc                   DAC, SPI, Music player, audio amp 

Lab06.pdf       Lab06.doc                   Introduction to PCB Layout, PCB Artist

            Lab 6 preparation movie

            Lab6_artistStarter.pcb                        PCB

            Lab6_artistStarter.sch             Circuit

Lab07.pdf       Lab07.doc                   Design and Layout of an Embedded System

            Lab8BOM.xls                         Available parts for Labs 8, 9, 11

            lcd4bit.c  lcd4bit.h                  Example software for LCD

            LM3S1968starter.sch  LM3S1968starter.pcb  Possible Lab 8, 9, 11 platform

            GDM12864H.pdf or ADM12864H.pdf        128 by 64 LCD from Sparkfun LCD-00710

            LCD_DV24200.pdf                                       24 by 2 LCD with ribbon cable

Lab08.pdf       Lab08.doc                   Software Drivers for an Embedded System

Lab09.pdf       Lab09.doc                  Temperature measurement, ADC, OLED

Lab10.pdf       Lab10.doc                   ZigBee, UART, distributed systems, PC interface (Spring 2013 Lab)

            XBeeManual.pdf                    Specific information about the chip

            Zigbeeinfo.pdf                        General information about ZigBee

Lab10ZBfone_2012.pdf   Lab10ZBfone_2012.doc       Fall 2012 Lab  ZigBee, UART, distributed systems, Microphone, speaker

Lab11.pdf       Lab11.doc                   Final Design and Evaluation of Embedded System


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