EE382C Embedded Software Systems - Lectures

Prof. Brian L. Evans, MW 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM, ENS 109, Spring 2004

Week Lecture Lecture Reading Deliverables
1/19 MLK HOLIDAY Introduction Edwards, ch. 1; reader sections A-E
1/26 Introduction (con't) Languages Edwards, ch. 5-6; reader sections M and N
2/2 Digital Signal Processors C language BDTI guide; Edwards, ch. 7; reader section F Project proposal
2/9 C++ language Concurrency in Java Edwards, ch. 8-9; reader section S
2/16 Block Diagrams (Part 1) Block Diagrams (Part 2) reader sections J (ch. 1-2) Project white paper
2/23 Block Diagrams (Part 3) Synchronous Dataflow (SDF) Edwards, ch. 12; reader sections V, X, and Y Homework #1
3/1 Real-Time Operating Systems Real-Time Operating Systems Edwards, ch. 10-11; Reader sections J (ch. 3-4)
3/8 Process Networks Midterm #1 Reader sections K, T, and U Homework #2
3/22 Discrete Event Student Presentations Presentation Slides
3/29 Discrete Event Returned midterm #1 Literature Surveys
4/5 Communication Systems Timed Synchronous Dataflow Reader section L
4/12 Introduction to Graph Theory Introduction to SDF Scheduling Edwards, ch. 12; Reader section W
4/19 SDF Looped Scheduling (Part 1) SDF Looped Scheduling (Part 2) Reader sections G, O, and P
4/26 Cyclo-Static Dataflow Midterm #2 Edwards, ch. 17; Reader sections Q and R Homework #3
5/3 Student Presentations Student Presentations Presentation Slides

A final project report is due on Thursday, May 13th, at 5:00 PM, by e-mail.

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Review Material

I have added pointers to review material from lectures 3-8 from the real-time digital signal processor course (EE 345S) taught at UT Austin:

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