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  Ambient AI Workshp Paper
Dawei's research on foreground speech analysis has been accepted to the ICASSP 2023 Ambient AI Workshop. The paper is titled "A Dataset for Foreground Speech Analysis with Smartwatches in Everyday Home Environments". Nice work Dawei.
Apr 2023

  Meta Research PhD Fellowship Received
Super congrats to Dawei, who received the Meta Research PhD Fellowship this year on the topic of Augmented Reality Audio. Dawei is developing a very nice body of work in this field.
Apr 2023

  NSF CAREER Awarded
Very excited and grateful to have received the NSF CAREER award. Looking forward to developing new methods and wearables to advance dietary monitoring over the next several years.
Mar 2023

  Xuewen Defends PhD Thesis
Xuewen, co-advised with Kaya de Barbaro, successfully defended her PhD thesis titled "Leveraging Pervasive Data to Study and Support Mother-Infant Dyads in the Wild". Congratulations Dr. Yao!
Mar 2023

  Speech Detection Paper at ICASSP
Dawei's research at Meta in Summer 2022 led to a paper titled "Dynamic Speech Endpoint Detection with Regression Targets". This work has been accepted to ICASSP 2023 and will be presented at the conference in Greece this year.
Feb 2023

  Program Chair for Ubicomp 2023
Happy to announce that I will be a technical program co-chair for Ubicomp 2023, to be held in Cancún (Mexico). My co-chairs will be my colleagues Prof. Silvia Santini and Prof. Judy Kay.
Nov 2022

  Paper at PACMHCI
Happy to report that Xuewen's paper titled "Understanding Postpartum Parents' Experiences via Two Digital Platforms" has been accepted to the Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction. Excellent work Xuewen.
Nov 2022

  Lifelong Learning Paper at Sensors
Rebecca's work on continual learning for activity recognition titled "Lifelong Adaptive Machine Learning for Sensor-based Human Activity" has been accepted to Sensors. This is an area of research that we are very excited about.
Sept 2022

  Presence at Ubicomp 2022
The conference was held in Atlanta and I served as the PC Chair for the co-located ISWC conference. Rebecca presented her paper on ADL recognition with a smartwatch and Daiwei presented his AudioIMUT paper as well, which was recognized as a best-paper runner-up.
Sept 2022

  New Students Join the Lab
The team is growing. Yufei, Sloke and Alice are starting in the group this semester to kickoff new research projects and support on-going ones. They join Dawei, Rebecca, Priyanka, Xuewen, and our great research support team of undergraduate students. Welcome to the lab.
Aug 2022

  New NIH Grant to Study Digital Biomarkers
We are thrilled that we have been awarded an NIH R01 grant to study and develop new digital biomarkers and analytics for cognitive impairment. Our UT Austin-based team includes faculty from the Dell Medical School and the Dept. of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences.
Mar 2022

  Detecting ADLs with a Smartwatch
Our paper describing the potential of multimodal sensing with a smartwatch to recognize various activities of daily living has been accepted for publication at IMWUT. Congrats to Rebecca and Sarnab, who put a lot work into this research in pandemic times.
Apr 2022

  Deep Graph CNNs for HAR
Abduallah Mohamed, who recently defended his dissertation and is now at Meta, turned a class project in the Human Signals course about dealing with highly unlabeled data in activity recognition applications into a nice paper for the CoMoRea PerCom workshop.
Mar 2022

  Infant Crying Detection Paper at ICASSP 2022
Congrats to Xuewen for getting her paper on infant crying detection in real-world environments accepted to ICASSP 2022. This research involved compiling and annotating 780 hours of real-world audio data.
Feb 2022

  Jack Kilby/Texas Instruments Fellowship
I have been appointed as 2021-2022 Fellow of the Jack Kilby/Texas Instruments Endowed Faculty Fellowship in Computer Engineering. Very excited and grateful, thank you for your support UT ECE.
Sept 2021

  Keum San Graduates
Keum San successfully defended his PhD thesis titled "Small-Scale Wireless Sensors for Automated Dietary Monitoring" and becomes the first graduate of the Human Signals Lab. Major milestone.
May 2021

  Ok, Google, What Am I Doing?
Rebecca's paper on acoustic activity recognition with conversational assistants was accepted to IMWUT and presented at Ubicomp 2021. This work shows that it is possible to leverage gaps in voice interactions to learn about a person's context and activities.
Mar 2021

  IFML Grant
The new UT Austin-based Institute for Foundations of Machine Learning (IFML) has awarded us a grant to work on adaptive and continual learning for activity recognition applications. We are excited to extend our research work in this direction.
Feb 2021

  NIH Grant on Kidney Stone Prevention
In collaboration with colleagues at Penn State and Stanford, we are kicking off a 5-year project to explore the use of wearables to prevent kidney stones. Thanks to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases for supporting this effort.
Jan 2021

  ECE Seminar: Prof. Cecilia Mascolo
We had the pleasure of hosting Professor Cecilia Mascolo from the University of Cambridge at the ECE Colloquia Seminar. Prof. Mascolo went over her recent work on the use of mobile audio data for health diagnostics.
Dec 2020

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