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Gustavo de Veciana
Cockrell Family Regents Chair in Engineering Professor
Associate Chair Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wireless Networking and Communications Group (WNCG)
The University of Texas at Austin

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Selected Ongoing Research

Picture of clustering 
wireless user classes Spatial clustering of users.

Architecture and abstractions for environment and traffic aware system-level coordination of wireless networks. We are exploring a system-level framework to mitigate interference using coarse grained coordination of transmissions across base stations. Our approach is based on collecting and mining measured data capturing a user population's diversity in sensitivity to interference -- see figure to the left. Our research aims at developing abstractions and optimizations which enable such coordination to depend on specific characteristics of the traffic and envronment the system is operating under. Our results to date suggest not only improved performance (capacity), but decreased average power requirements along with substantially more uniform wirless coverage. Click on picture for more.

Picture of spatial energy contours Spatial energy contours in sensor net.

Using stochastic geometry to better understand wireless and sensor networks. One of our current reserach thrusts involves developing a better understanding of the spatial character of wireless and sensor networks. For example we are investigating how spatially distributed, end systems, wireless providers, sensors can interfere, compete or cooperate with each other to deliver better service. For example by properly routing information in an ad hoc network of wireless sensor nodes one can significantly reduce the energy expenditures. The figure on the left shows the energy contours associated with different locations for a network of sinks, compressor nodes and sensors. As part of our work we are investigating tradeoffs between compression, routing, and energy conservation. Click on picture for more.

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