Current Past Honors and Awards
Notice: All course materials are available to current students through the Blackboard courseware. If you would like to audit, access, or share teaching materials please contact me. I'm always looking for interesting examples and ideas on how to teach the following courses.


Courses 2024-2025

Probability and Stochastic Processes I EE381J (Fall 2024 - Graduate)


Past Courses

Probability,Statistics and Random Processes EE351K (Spring 2024 - Undergraduate)
Communication Networks: Analysis and Design EE 381K (Fall 2023 - Graduate)
Information Theory EE381K-7 (Spring 2022 - Graduate)
Telecommunication Networks EE 379 ( Undergraduate)
Digital Communications EE381K-2 (Graduate)
Communication Networks: technology, architectures and protocols EE 382N-6 (Graduate)
Information Theory EE381K-7 (Fall 2002 - Graduate)
Advanced Telcommunication Networks: Stochastic Geometry and Comparisons with Applications to Network Analysis EE381K-5 (Fall 2007 - Advanced Graduate)
Advanced Telcommunication Networks: Large Deviations and Stochastic Network Models with Applications to Network Analysis EE381K-5 (Fall 2010 - Advanced Graduate)


Teaching Honors and Awards

Gordon T. Lepley IV Endowed Memorial Teaching Award 2024.
Gordon T. Lepley IV Endowed Memorial Teaching Award 2019.
El Paso Corporate Foundation Faculty Achievement Award for meritorious achievement in teaching 2003.
General Motors Foundation Centennial Teaching Fellowship in Electrical Engineering, since 1998
Graduate Engineering Council, Faculty Service Award, 1999-2000
Joe. J. King Professional and Engineering Leadership Award, 1996