Volume 2 Learning Materials

This page contains links to materials that can be used to teach a junior-level lab class on embedded systems. These materials include lecture slides, and lab manual. PowerPoint lectures written by Professors Bill Bard, and Jonathan Valvano. Fall 2014 had 26 lectures, corresponding to approximately two PowerPoint files per week. Fall 2015 has approximately three PowerPoint files per week.

Volume 2 EE445L Fall 2015 Lecture slides   (click to see all slides) Watch YouTube Playlist

  aLec01_EE445L.ppt    Introduction, Lab kit, Software downloads 
  aLec02_IntroES.ppt    Introduction to embedded systems, challenges, design methods, voltage-current-power-energy, resistance-capacitance-inductance, microcontrollers, real time 
  aLec03_FixedPoint.ppt    Fixed-point and floating point, dropout, overflow, rounding, optimization 
  aLec04_Graphics.ppt    ST7735R graphics, three file for a device driver, Lab 1 graphics 
  aLec05_Architecture.ppt    Data flow graphs, Cortex M Archecture, RISC, Harvard Architecture, memory map, little endian, TM4C123 ports, introduction to interfacing 
  aLec06_Synchronization.ppt    I/O synchronization, Blind, Busy-wait, Interrupts, DMA 
  aLec07_Interrupts.ppt    Synchronization, latency, bandwidth, Arm, enable, priority, trigger flag, acknowledge, real-time, sampling jitter, timer periodic interrupts  
  aLec08_CriticalSections.ppt    Critical sections, atomic execution, shared globals  
  aLec09_Debugging.ppt    Debugging instruments, logic analyzers, profiling, dumps, heartbeats, intrusiveness, stabilization, acceleration, variability, stress testing, coverage  
  aLec10_EdgeTriggeredInterrupts.ppt    Edge triggered interrupts, debugging, semaphores, time delay interrupt  
  aLec11_BJT.ppt    Input/output voltage, input/output current, bipolar junction transistor interface in saturated mode, effect of capacitance, creating a buzz sound on a speaker  

Volume 2 EE445L Fall 2014 Lecture slides   (click to download all slides)

  LEC01.ppt       Introduction, Lab kit, Software downloads 
  LEC02.ppt       Embedded systems, trends, decision choices   
  LEC03.ppt       Architecture, Interfaces, Data flow graphs, Flowcharts, Fixed-point numbers    
  LEC04.ppt       ARM architecture    
  LEC05.ppt       I/O synchronization, Interrupts    
  LEC06.ppt       Interrupts, Software style guidelines, Debugging    
  LEC07.ppt       SysTick Interrupts, Interfacing: currents, voltages    
  LEC08.ppt       Interfacing, More Interrupts, Finite State Machines    
  LEC09.ppt (old)    
  Control Systems, Stepper Motor Interface, Stepper Motor FSM,
  DC Motor Interface, Integral Control, PI Control, PID Control    
  LEC10.ppt       Digital to Analog Conversion, TLV5618    
  LEC11.ppt       Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI)    
  LEC12.ppt       Quiz 1 review    
  LEC13.ppt       Requirements document, PC Board Construction    
  LEC14.ppt       TI MSP430, PCB layout    
  LEC15.ppt       Power, Batteries, Design for test    
  LEC16.ppt       Fuzzy Logic Control, Floating Point    
  Operational Amplifiers, Instrumentation Amplifiers, Shunt Diode Reference    
  Data Acquisition Systems, Sampling, Analog to Digital Conversion    
  LEC19.ppt       Digital Communications    
  LEC20.ppt       Digital Communications    
  LEC21.ppt       Digital Communications, Internet of Things, IEEE802.11, ZigBee    
  LEC22.ppt       Input Capture, Timing Equations, Diagrams, Memory Interfacing    
  LEC23.ppt       Quiz 2 Review, Information Security    
  LEC24.ppt       Information Security, Ethics    
  LEC25.ppt       Keyboard Interfacing, Scanned LED Display, Operating Systems    
  LEC26.ppt       Quiz 3 Review    

Lab Manual

There is a lab manual available for use with this book. These lab assignments are ones we use here at the University of Texas to teach our junior level to embedded systems lab. At the end of each chapter there are suggestions for lab assignments.    Click to download all labs for the LM3S1968.    The following list maps the eleven labs to the corresponding book chapters:

Lab 1. Fixed-point Output
Chapters 1, 2, 3
Lab 2. Performance Debugging
Chapters 3, 5
Lab 3. Alarm clock, LCD, edge-triggered input interrupts, and SysTick periodic interrupts  Chapters 3, 4, 5
 - PCBArtistLibrary.zip   
 - Lab3_Artist.sch  
Lab 4. Stepper motor, output compare interrupts, finite state machineChapters 1, 4, 5
 - Lab4_Artist.sch  
Lab 4B. DC motor controlChapters 5, 6
 - Lab4B_Artist.sch  
Lab 4C. Internet of Things
Chapter 11
Lab 5. 12-bit DAC, SPI, Music player, audio amp
Chapters 6, 7, 8
Lab 6. Introduction to PCB LayoutChapters 1-9
 - Lab6_artistStarter.sch  
 - Lab6_artistStarter.pcb  
Lab 7. Design and Layout of an Embedded System Chapters 1-11
 - Lab7_TM4C123starter.sch  
 - Lab7_TM4C123starter.pcb   
 - Lab8BOM.xls  
Lab 8. Software Drivers for an Embedded System
Chapters 1-11
Lab 9. Temperature measurement, ADC, LCD Chapters 8, 10
 - Therm12.xls  
 - lpf.xls  
Lab 10. ZigBee, UART, distributed systems, key pad interface
Chapters 7, 11
Lab 10B. IEEE802.11, distributed systems, UDP packets
Chapter 11
Lab 10C. ZigBee Walkie-Talkie
Chapters 7, 11
Lab 10D. IEEE802.11, client-server application, UDP packets
Chapter 11
Lab 11. Final Design and Evaluation of Embedded System
Chapters 1-11