EER 5.886
University of Texas
Austin, TX 78712

I am an Assistant Professor in ECE at UT Austin, and work on computer architecture and and system security.


My research cuts across program analysis, computer architecture, and system software.

My current work includes a new secure processor that obfuscates all digital signals coming out of the CPU chip -- even the addresses to physical memory [oblivious-cpu]. Such a processor can be used to execute confidential programs even when the adversary has physical access to the processor (e.g., in datacenters).

I am also working on building a system where users control their data even when they use untrusted applications, while developers use a security-agnostic design pattern to write privacy-preserving apps [private-data]. In contrast, existing app-frameworks either allow developers full access to user data (like Android) or mire users and developers in a maze of security labels and exceptions.

My graduate work presented GLIFT and associated architectural techniques to build verifiably information-flow secure systems. For formal proof of soundness and non-interference of GLIFT and its extension to a general lattice of security labels, please see my dissertation.


Selected Publications