Mohit Tiwari

EER 5.886
University of Texas
Austin, TX 78712

I am an Associate Professor in ECE at UT Austin, and work on computer architecture and and system security in the Spark Lab.


My current work aims to build a system stack where users control their data even when they use untrusted applications on untrusted datacenters.

This work rests on a new secure processor that helps software to defend itself against attacks through the hardware, and obfuscates all digital signals coming out of the CPU chip. The hardware thus enables software-defined containers against a variety of threat models.

The system uses containers to confine data, instead of application services. We demonstrate that data containers remove large web-applications out of the trusted code-base, and yet lets developers use a security-agnostic design pattern to write privacy-preserving web-applications.

My graduate work was on building verifiably information-flow secure embedded systems. For a formal proof of soundness and non-interference of gate-level information flow tracking, and its extension to a general lattice of security labels, please see my dissertation.


Selected Publications