POB 6.252
University of Texas
Austin, TX 78712

I am an Assistant Professor in ECE at UT Austin, and work on building secure systems using both hardware and software mechanisms. Before joining UT, I received my PhD UC Santa Barbara in 2011 advised by Tim Sherwood, and then worked with Krste Asanovic and Dawn Song as a post-doc at UC Berkeley.


I am interested in building secure and reliable systems. To this end, my research cuts across program analysis [glift, hardgrind], computer architecture [oblivious-cpu, leases, rangecache, 3dsec], and system software [private-data, glift-sys].

My current work includes a new secure processor that obfuscates all digital signals coming out of the CPU chip -- even the addresses to physical memory [oblivious-cpu]. Such a processor can be used to execute confidential programs even when the adversary has physical access to the processor (e.g., in datacenters).

I am also working on building a system where users control their data even when they use untrusted applications, while developers use a security-agnostic design pattern to write privacy-preserving apps [private-data]. In contrast, existing app-frameworks either allow developers full access to user data (like Android) or mire users and developers in a maze of security labels and exceptions.

My graduate work presented GLIFT and associated architectural techniques to build verifiably information-flow secure systems. For formal proof of soundness and non-interference of GLIFT and its extension to a general lattice of security labels, please see my dissertation.

I also collaborate with research colleagues on languages for designing secure hardware [sapper, caisson], and on synthesizing secure-hardware designs efficiently onto FPGAs [glift-synth]. For more information on my past and current research, please refer to my research page.


Selected Publications