EE445S Real-Time DSP Lab - Lecture and Labs

This course is a four-credit course, with three hours of lecture and three hours of lab scheduled per week.

(PowerPoint) All lecture slides (13 MB), (PDF) course reader (18 MB) and (YouTube) video lectures are available for Spring 2014. The course reader has lecture slides, handouts and previous midterm exam solutions in PDF format.

For the semester, lectures videos, lecture slides, and midterm exams, as well as homework, laboratory and reading assignments, are given below. JSK means Johnson, Sethares and Klein, Software Receiver Design, which is the textbook. Reading assignments for Welch, Wright and Morrow, Real-Time Digital Signal Processing, are given on each laboratory assignment page linked below.

Lecture (YouTube) Hours Homework or Laboratory JSK Course Reader Handouts
Introduction 2 Lab #1 Hardware/Software Tools Ch. 1 D Matlab
R Fourier Transforms
Sinusoidal Generation 2 HW #0 Signals/Systems (YouTube) Ch. 2
Introduction to Digital Signal Processors 2 Lab #2 Sine Wave Generation Ch. 3
Signals and Systems 2 HW #1 Sinusoids/Transforms (YouTube) Ch. 4; app. A & G E Convolution
F Systems
Sampling and Aliasing 2 Ch. 5 & 6.1-6.3 H Modulation Example
Finite Impulse Response Filters 4 HW #2 Digital Filters (YouTube) Ch. 7 & app. F N FIR Implementation (YouTube)
Q Four Ways to Filter
Infinite Impulse Response Filters 5 HW #3 More Digital Filters O All-Pass Filters
Midterm #1 solution set and discussion 1 Midterm #1 coverage
Interpolation and Pulse Shaping 2 Lab #3 Digital Filters 6.4 G Raised Cosine Pulse
Quantization 2 HW #4 Probability (YouTube) app. E S Random variables (YouTube)
Data Conversion 2 Lab #4 Data Scramblers J Noise Shaping
L Direct Sequence Spreading
Channel Impairments 1 HW #5 Adaptation/Transceivers (YouTube) Ch. 9 I Modulation Summary
Digital Pulse Amplitude Modulation 2 Lab #5 Pulse Amplitude Modulation Ch. 8 M Symbol Recovery
Matched Filtering 4 HW #6 Timing/Carrier Recovery Ch. 10-12
Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) 2 HW #7 Equalization/Gain Control 6.4-6.9 & 13.1-13.3 P PAM vs. QAM
QAM Receiver 2 Lab #6 QAM 16.1-16.6
Midterm #2 review and solution set 1 Lab #7 Guitar Special Effects Midterm #2 coverage

The following lectures were not presented this semester: