EE445S Real-Time Digital Signal Processing Lab - Homework

Homeworks Assigned

The Matlab/Mathscript code for the Software Receiver Design textbook is available at (7-zip is a free zip program.) For additional instructions, please see the Matlab help information, or the LabVIEW installation instructions to have the Matlab code work in the LabVIEW Mathscript utility.

LabVIEW Installation

One can download LabVIEW with a 45-day license free of charge. In particular, please download LabVIEW real-time so that you can execute Matlab code through the Mathscript utility available in LabVIEW Real-Time Module.

The following resources would also be helpful (but not required) in using LabVIEW:

The Matlab scripts in Johnson, Sethares and Klein's Software Receiver Design textbook should run "as is" in the LabVIEW 8.5 or higher using the LabVIEW Mathscript window. To set up,
  1. Copy the .m files from the "SRD - MatlabFiles" folder on the CD ROM into a folder on your computer.
  2. Open the Mathscript window in LabVIEW by going to the Tools menu and select "Mathscript Window" (third entry).
  3. In the Mathscript window, go the File menu and select "LabVIEW MathScript Properties"
  4. Add the folder containing the .m files from the book to the search path.

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