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I am currently doing research in the broad area of local area power and energy systems (i.e., distributed generation or micro-grids) both at a component level studying power electronics interfaces, and at a system level through controls analysis, planning and performance improvements in terms of reliability, operational flexibility, and efficiency.I am also working in customer-oriented smart grid technologies and applications.

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I am also interested in energy security issues by studying the effect of natural disasters on critical power infrastructure. Particularly information and communications technology systems. Information and some photos from my field damage assessments after natural disasters can be accessed by clicking on the following icons corresponding to each of these event:

A compilation of my publications about the impact of natural disasters on power and communications infrastructures since 2005 and planning for secure power supply can be downloaded from here (80 MB pdf file) or by clicking on the image below

I also prepared a document that can be accessed by clicking here, summarizing the lessons from my damage assessments with a focus on Superstorm Sandy. This document was presented at the FCC's Network Resiliency Workshop of 2013, in Brooklyn, NY.

One of my main interests is also in customer-level "smart grid" technologies, such as home energy management or high-penetration of photovoltaic systems or electric vehicles. Most of this research is related with Austin's smart grid initiative called Pecan Street. For more information about this world-class leading initiative please, click here or on the logo

Some of my current research topics are:
  • Local area power and energy systems architectures and control.
  • Power infrastructure in natural disasters (click on any of the disaster logos above to see pictures from my damage assessments) and use of microgrids for improved power supply availability in such events. NSF CAREER award #0845828.
  • Interactions between micro-grids and the power grid with focus on "smart-grid' applications.
  • Multiple-input dc-dc converters.
  • Datacenters and telecom power infrastructure.
  • Constant-power loads control.
  • Interfaces and controls for photovoltaic systems.
  • Electric vehicles

For publications information and presentations please click here.

For additional research information please click here. Information about my research group can be found here. Also, follow my blog here

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