MSPM0G3507 Reference material 
Link Description
CortexM0plus.pdf   Appendix 3 MSPM0+ Assembly Reference
Arm_Architecture_v6m_Reference_Manual.pdf   MSPM0+ Assembly Instruction Set
ArmClang_Reference_Guide_100067_0612_00_en.pdf  Arm Clang Reference Guide
Cortex_M0p_TRM.pdf   Cortex M0+ Technical Reference Guide
LP_MSPM0G3507_users_guide.pdf   MSPM0G3507 LaunchPad Users Guide.pdf Guide
mspm0g3507.pdf Data sheet of MSPM0G3507 microcontroller
MSPM0G-TRM.pdf MSPM0G Technical Reference Guide (explains I/O Ports)

Fall 2023 ECE319K ECE319K kit data sheets
Link Description
HLMP-4700   Red, Yellow, Green LED, Vf = 1.7V, If = 2mA
Resistors 5% 1/4W carbon film resistors
Speaker 20 mm, 150 ohm speaker
Audio Jack 3.5mm audio jack used in Lab 5 (not in kit, can ask TA for one)
ST7735R 1.8" TFT Display, 128x160 color pixels (student buys this)
BournsPTA 10k slide potentiometer used as the transducer in Labs 8,9,10  

Spring 2024 ECE319H Wireless communication (Lab 8H) data sheets
Link Description
ULN2003B Darlington transistor array used as a LED and stepper motor driver
OED-EL-1L2 IR LED used to send data
TSOP31438 IR Receiver Module used to receive data, demodulated at 38 kHz

More data sheets

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